The Endomorph Body Type – The Large Body Type


The Endomorph Body Type – The Large Body Type

The endomorph body type is a body type that is usually described as bigger in appearance than others or as bigger than average.  Although having an endomorph body type is not a bad thing due to today’s cultural demands for beauty many individuals with an endomorph body type become extremely self conscious.  The endomorph body type typically gains weight and muscle very easily but cannot shed weight as quickly.  Therefore individuals with an endomorph body type typically have to work much harder in order to achieve their ideal physique than other body types.  Some traits that describe the endomorph body type include:

  • Larger in appearance
  • Shorter limbs; higher waist
  • Easily gains muscle
  • Heavier set
  • Larger frame and lower muscle definition due to adipose tissue


Again, endomorph body types are as normal and common as every other body type and should not exclude an individual from achieving their goals.  In fact, many individuals with the endomorph body types have achieved great success including celebrities such as John Goodman, Roseanne, and even Jack Black.  These individuals have learned to love their body types and offer the world much more than just their humor but an example of their great attitude with the body they were blessed with.


Endomorphs Maintaining their Physique

For individuals with the endomorph body type maintaining a specific physique may be harder than individuals with other body types.  An individual with an endomorph body type may have a much easier time gaining additional weight and muscle than losing weight.  For example, most men with an endomorph body type could easily transition into the mesomorph body type with enough dedication to their diet and workout routines.  Women on the other hand would rather, for the most part, lose weight and muscle mass as opposed to gaining weight and muscle mass therefore much more difficulty may arise from their end goals. Some good workout routines and diets to consider for individuals with an endomorph body type include:

  • Eating smaller meals throughout the day
  • Daily exercises such as running, jogging, and even swimming
  • Lifting lighter small weights increasing repetitions
  • Utilizing saunas, steam rooms, and sweat lodges
  • Increased cardio
  • Hikes and many other outdoor adventures including biking


Love Your Body Type

Again, the biggest difference between being happy for yourself and being happy at the idea of what others think about you comes down to loving your body type.  Many individuals may in fact love their body type and still want to trim down their physique for personal reasons.  If this is the case than be sure to properly and thoroughly research your body type, diet restrictions, workout routines, and common exercises that others have used in the past to give yourself a better idea of what your daily schedule may include to achieve your end goal.


For individuals with the endomorph body type much more dedication is required to achieve their ideal physique; but it is not impossible.  The endomorph body type is the complete opposite of the ectomorph body type in the sense that gaining weight is easy and losing weight is a bit more difficult.  Keep these body types in mind when determining yours, your diet restrictions and your workout routines.



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