Empower yourself: Self Esteem August 27,2013


Whatever you might like to think, self esteem is not a seamless garment.
Of garments I am quite good. I began sewing dolls and clothes when I was about 7 so there is now a little over 6 and ½ decades of needlework behind me. Seamstress is my trade and I am a journeyman at my trade. I have developed a great deal of esteem about my ability to create beautiful, stylish and well sewn clothes for just about anybody. Or restore, alter and re-make just about anything.
At car mechanics my esteem is in the basement. I plummet to obscurity when I sense oppressive rules and was fired from jobs (long long ago when I was still doing that) after about 3 days! I have great trepidation about trying to be a secretary and lots of confidence in my driving ability seldom in 50 years (2 times) have I been the cause of a car accident. I’m pretty good one on one with women but groups of these girls totally floor me. There’s a fair amount about my gender that makes me nervous.
So, the first of this is noticing where you shine and continue to polish yourself. The second part is acknowledging your limitations, what works and what does not and simply and honestly become totally okay with how it is for you. In other words, have great confidence in your skills and be undefensive about your limitations.
I’m a lousy mechanic and I can always find my way to the very best person to fix my car.
We are each one a divine mix of light and dark, righteousness and craftiness, chaos and tranquility: celebrate your whole beautiful silver grey Self and when the opportunities arrive: do your best. I guarantee you, it will all work out just fine. Trust me, I am Grandmother. Blessed Be.

Carole White