EmpEmpowerment: This is Grandmothers’ first job


Of course, the whole idea of power is to empower others It’s the Universes’s way to show us team building. Making coopportunity among us will show us as we go along how to create the antidote to competition. Competition’s day is long over especially noticing the elites need to simply control it all. They think they have a bigger hammer.
Empowerment is the antidote to the squirrel cage and the lack of self esteem that continues to allow you to get in the cage every morning for the job of your life. If you really think about it properly, you can easily realize why you are wearing out so fast –not to say poor nutritional knowledge and the motivation to put it into place in your day to day meal making. The coercive system parasites itself on your heart and mind and soul to keep you as its slave.
It is Grandmother’s message: Empower yourself.
I did it first for myself in the early spring of 1957 when I was yet 17 and it was yet 4 months until I graduated from high school.
I was shocked to discover that I knew no authentic people: not one. Everyone was wearing a mask, playing a role (with no academy awards in sight!) or they were running some kind of pretense. I didn’t know these words or explanations at 17 but still I knew. You can know the reality of your life…you already do know. Let it be.
The real horror was that they wanted me to be like them. I knew I would never fit their profile. It was just not in me to play their bad game. I put myself on the path and although there have been some really slow places, some madness and some delving into deep obscurities, I have been on the path since that time. 56 years and counting.
It is my job as Grandmother to empower you. I wish I had been around when I was 17…but then there might not be this blog, would there?
Empower yourself. Seek to be with as many people as possible that validate you as yourself. Where you do not have to put on a mask or pretend anything except what it is here and now.
Now and here…no w here !
It is also time to enter into the quantum universe where everywhere is everywhere and there is no time!
Somehow I must imagine that I am everything that I will ever need to make my way in the Great Universe. I think that being fully human in all the dark and light is an awesome thing and that in relation to the Great Universe, this world is very very small. The state of mind that I come to is that I am critical to the Whole for it would not be what it is without me, and I am not more important than any other. We are all included in the Universe’s Great Plan. I can go with that. And If you choose, you may too. Bon Appetit!
Love and Blessings, Grandmother

Carole White