EMF Pollution: Introduction and Easy Steps to Measure and Reduce


This article was co-authored by Shaun Kranish – The EMF Explorer – and Robert Daniel of ElectraHealth.com.


EMF, electropollution, and dirty electricity: these are a few of the many terms used to describe harmful man-made energy or radiation.  It’s widely known that there are health effects, but this topic can easily seem confusing and overwhelming.  This article explains the different types of EMF energy  and provides practical information on what can be done to reduce and eliminate this pollutant.

EMF stands for electromagnetic field or electromagnetic frequency.  It could also be called EMR – electromagnetic radiation.  There is natural EMF – such as visible light from the sun, invisible radiation from the sun and other sources in space, and natural fields of  the earth and atmosphere.  There are also  artificial, or man-made sources, and this is what the discussion is really about.  Artificial EMF comes from electricity generation, transmission on wires, use in the home/office, and an ever-increasing blanket of wireless radiation that travels through the air from cell towers, radio and TV broadcasts, satellites, radar and much more.

Because EMF is such a general and commonly used term, it has become the umbrella term for all of the different types of man-made energy.  EMF could describe magnetic fields from transformers or power lines, electric fields from any live, electrified wiring, dirty electricity – a specific type of electric field caused by harmful frequencies or “noise” on electrical wiring, and radiofrequency (RF) radiation – the kind generated by cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, “smart” meters, as well as radio and TV stations, and many other sources.

With all this potentially harmful energy out there, where does one begin?  It’s usually best to begin with what is closest to you.  Do you carry a cell phone?  Do you have WiFi in the home or office, or an electronic electric/gas/water utility meter known as a “smart” meter, cordless telephones, or do you use dimmer switches, compact fluorescent (CFL) curly light bulbs or LED lights in your home?  These are all things that produce fields that can be measured and  greatly reduced or eliminated.  Starting with what is closest to you in your home and office, and where you spend the most time, will have the greatest impact on improving your health.

Many people find instant relief by measuring and reducing the dirty electricity in their home.  Dirty electricity is best measured with the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter, and the Stetzerizer Filters which help to greatly reduce dirty electricity are backed by real peer-reviewed research. [3] This is a recommended first step for EMF mitigation. Dirty electricity is produced by the power supplies of electronic devices such as compact fluorescent bulbs, desktop computers, televisions, and “smart” meters, as well as variable frequency motor controllers and the regular switching on/off of lights and other devices[1][2] Dirty electricity is a relatively new discovery, and may be the missing key explaining why electricity makes so many people ill.  After reducing dirty electricity with Stetzerizer filters, adults, children, and animals have seen dramatic health improvements.[3] [4]

Electromagnetic fields – sometimes simply called magnetic fields – are another type of EMF that can easily be measured and usually eliminated as well.  The AlphaLab Trifield Meter [7] is highly recommended for this.  It has settings for detecting other phenomena as well, but we recommend using only its magnetic settings. One source of electromagnetic fields is where the main power lines are – the pipe on the house with electrical wiring inside, the electric meter it goes to, the main breaker panel, and large bundles of wires coming out from there.  Another common source is electrical current on metal pipes such as water or gas lines coming into the house.  Conductive pipes can carry current, causing a current imbalance on the wires where the electricity is supposed to be in the first place.[5] Certain wiring practices in the home can cause a similar imbalance of current and large electromagnetic fields.[6] Electronics and any kind of electric heating (stove, oven, heater, etc) can cause electromagnetic fields as well.

Problems with plumbing and wiring are the biggest offenders, as these fields usually cover large areas, but these are usually surprisingly easy and inexpensive to fix.  Having a TriField Meter or Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B or ME3840B [7] will allow you to check if you have any of these problems, and there are articles and videos on how to solve them. [5] [6]

Radiofrequency (RF) radiation is a man-made pollutant that is everywhere.  Our digital transmitting devices, phones, WiFi, radios, as well as high frequency pollution on power lines radiate RF energy.   The electromagnetic signal travels as far as it can – hundreds of feet or even billions of miles, until it is blocked or has been degraded to the point where it is no longer detectable. Like electromagnetic fields, distance from the source is your friend with RF radiation.

There are immediate steps each of us can take  to reduce RF radiation in the home.  Most home RF radiation is actually classified as “microwaves,” the same class of radiation used by microwave ovens.  Did you know that cordless home phone systems give off this radiation, and in most cases the base station of the cordless phone system is transmitting this radiation non-stop, 24/7, even when no one is using a phone?  Because of a lack of attention to human health factors during product design, cordless home phone systems give off radiation all the time, so it is very beneficial to eliminate them and go back to wired phones that do not constantly transmit radiation everywhere.

Like cordless phones, WiFi also radiates all the time. The solution is to disable the WiFi signal and instead utilize network cables to transmit data. Even tablets and smartphones can be configured to utilize Ethernet over USB.

“Smart” appliances use RF to communicate at regular intervals with “smart” meters on one frequency, while the “smart” meter communicates on a different frequency with the other meters nearby in what is called a mesh network. Any mesh-networked meter can communicate with any other and pass along messages by rebroadcasting them.This chatter adds to the already-thick electromagnetic radiation soup in which we live.  These so-called “smart” meters are the number one complaint we hear at ElectraHealth.com, and there are countless groups – see StopSmartMeters.org – dedicated to exposing the dangers and risks associated with exposure to “smart” meter RF radiation and dirty electricity.

All of this RF radiation can be detected by simple-to-use meters.  The most popular and recommended model is the Gigahertz Solutions HF35C.

Creating a safe living and working environment for one’s self and one’s family should be a priority for everyone. In this article, we have outlined a number of simple steps one can take to mitigate some of these unseen threats to our health and safety. We have included links to more information, including peer-reviewed research, video documentaries about how to perform some of this testing, and informational documentaries. We wish you the best on your quest for healthy living in a high tech world!

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Shaun Kranish