Electronic Cigarette Health Facts


Electronic cigarette health facts have just been released by The National Consumers’ Institute.  They tested 10 different brands of disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes and found toxins and carcinogens.  They also detected significant quantities of carcinogenic molecules in the vapor of the electronic devices.  These carcinogenic chemicals are just as harmful as normal tobacco products.

More electronic cigarette health facts

Formaldehyde was found in three of the ten e-cigarettes they tested.  An additional toxin detected in the vapor of this product is the highly toxic molecule, acrolein.  The amount of acrolein found is actually higher than in traditional cigarettes.

Aside from the chemical molecules detected, the report also expressed the concern that certain models do not have childproof safety caps.  This poses a real danger for children because the nicotine levels found in the liquid content of some of the electronic devices is deadly to children.

Banned in public places

In 2003, e-cigarettes were invented in China.  Since traditional smoking was banned in restaurants, bars, and other public places, electronic cigarettes are legal to use in these places.  However, in the near future, they may become illegal just like tobacco use.

With the latest electronic cigarette health facts provided by the National Consumers’ Institute, people are starting to consider banning e-cigarettes in public places.  This would be devastating for manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of this product who declare that their product is a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking, since normal cigarettes contain close to 4,000 toxic chemicals..

Recently, in Seal Beach, California, lawmakers halted new businesses from selling e-cigarettes.  In addition, the FDA is considering restricting on-line sales of vaporizer cigarettes.

Worldwide, tens of millions of people are regular users of e-cigarettes.  Expect to get more health facts as research of this product continues.  The results may not be beneficial for the e-cigarette industry, as well as for people who become dependent on this habit-forming merchandise.

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