The Ectomorph Body Type – The Skinny Body Type


What is the Ectomorph Body Type?

In order to achieve the body type you desire a lot of understanding has to be put into the body type you currently have.  Many people do not take the time to understand their body types therefore they may not achieve the success they desire due to inappropriate meal plans, workouts, and even exercise.  The first best example is the ectomorph body type.  What is the ectomorph body type?  An ectomorph body type denotes a body type, either male or female, that is much smaller in size than the average person in height, weight, and even stature.  The ectomorph body type usually includes these types of characteristics:

  • Smaller bone structure
  • Short and skinny or tall and skinny
  • Extremely thin
  • Smaller narrower shoulders
  • Extremely fast metabolism
  • Lean muscles
  • Delicate body frame


Individuals with ectomorph body types usually find it harder to gain weight than the average person no matter how hard they try.  This is because their metabolism burns so fast that they additional calories they take in usually gets stored away immediately as energy and is thus used instead of stored as muscle.  As well as those with ectomorph body types may usually go longer between meals than the average person as their bodies store protein and carbohydrates differently and burn them at a much different pace.


Ectomorphs Gaining Weight

In order for either a male or a female individual with an ectomorph body type to gain weight many precautions must be made.  For example, individuals with ectomorph body types must consume more food than the average person in order to teach their bodies to store the nutrients accordingly.  This means that roughly eight to twelve small meals will need to be eaten throughout the day with no more than two hours between each meal.  As well as workout routines will need to be greatly revised as to avoid exercise routines that would require too much cardio.


Cardio, such as running and jogging, should be kept down to a bare minimum and weight lifting routines should be increased.  For men, lifting heavier and building to lift heavier weights should be their primary focus.  Doing so will force the muscles to stretch and grow allowing more weight to be gained and turned into muscle as opposed to fat.  The same rule of thumb also applies to women with ectomorph body types if they are seeking to gain weight.


However, usually for individuals with ectomorph body types, especially men, mother nature still prevails.  The body’s natural metabolism slows down for men with ectomorph body types around their mid 30’s allowing them to gain weight easier at that point.  For women however, gaining weight will only occur during pregnancy or throughout menopause.  With hard work and dedication to meal plans, workout routines, and proper exercises though gains can be achieved.


Love Your Body Type

Regardless of popular image or what is displayed on television and magazines individuals, especially those with ectomorph body types should love their bodies.  Every body type has something to offer.  Women with an ectomorph body type tend to be extremely athletic and make great ballet dancers or dancers of any genre.  As well as men with ectomorph body types are not limited to sports or even assignments that would include attachments to special forces operations.  In fact, the United States military primarily depends on men with ectomorph body types for special forces operations as opposed to what Hollywood interprets with actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Never let your body types stand in the way of what you want to become.  Learn your body type, the advantages and disadvantages, and use them to your benefit.  The more you study about yourself the more you will learn to be happy and satisfied with yourself and what you want to achieve.


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