How Eco Views Are Shaping Modern Car Manufacturing


The automobile industry has changed a lot in the past few decades, with cars becoming faster, sleeker and more reliable. The Smart car came along and changed city driving for many with its smaller stature meeting a gap in the market, as more of us live and work in urban areas than ever before.

In a similar vein, nowadays more and more vehicles are being developed with green credentials in mind as plenty of drivers are more eco-conscious. As the sector needs to develop to meet its customers’ demands this is resulting in a shift in car manufacturers’ focus.

New Fuel Sources

Car manufacturers are being pressured by many to reduce their CO2 emissions as well as falling fossil fuel supplies pushing the price of petrol and diesel up. After the global financial crisis drivers are more financially aware than ever too and looking for new cars which will provided the best value miles per gallon.

Many car manufacturers now have green energy policies in place and targets to ensure more efficient processes and vehicles are produced. Some in Germany are spending time and money on developing new cleaner and cheaper fuels to power their vehicles and the most efficient models to stay ahead of the competition.

Meeting Tax Bands

New road tax bands introduced by the UK government to encourage drivers to choose, and manufacturers to make, greener, energy efficient vehicles are already in place. Vehicles producing less than 100g/km of CO2 are tax exempt while the brackets and amount increases the more CO2 is produced.

Around two thirds of new cars are now tax exempt for the first year at least, representing the huge impact these measures have had on car manufacturers. In some cases classic, older cars can cost drivers up to eleven times more in road tax than a brand new executive model. It is little surprise this is popular with drivers and therefore manufacturers.

Increase in Hybrid Models

Electric cars often offer the cleanest option but can only be as clean as their fuel source. Plenty of drivers are slightly untrusting and do still like the power of a traditional, petrol powered model but know a green option is the right choice.

For this reason there has been an increase in the sales and production levels of hybrid models in the past few years. Most of 2015’s five best eco-models are hybrids. When drivers want to feel like they’re doing their bit for the environment but still own a car which is stylish and powerful the hybrid provides the answer.


Graham Michael