Eating Organic Foods can Reduce the Level of Pesticides by 89%, Researchers Say


One of the fastest-growing segments of the American food market is organic (and locally grown) foods. More and more people, in small towns and big cities across the United States, are choosing to by foods that have not be conventionally raised. The skyrocketing number of farmer’s markets and the success of foods store like Whole Foods Market can attest to this.

However, some people (especially those who are turned off by the higher prices that organic food can demand) still do not understand what all the fuss is about and are not on board with the argument for organic food consumption. These people in particular should read on about recent research that has found a direct link between organic food consumption and levels of toxic agrichemicals in the body.

Recent Research

The new study was recently published in the Journal of Environmental Research. The groundbreaking work found that people who consume a diet that is at least 80% organic have overall an 89% lower level of pesticides and other agrichemicals in their bodies!

The research took place in Melbourne, Australia, and used participants of both sexes between the ages of 18 and 65 with no recent history of smoking. Levels of pesticides in the body were determined through periodic testing of the urine and these tests were performed on both the test group (who ate the organic diet) and the control group (who got most of their food from conventionally raised sources).

The results were astounding. Urine tests of those on a conventional diet found higher levels of multiple agrichemicals, particularly organic phosphate metabolites known as DAP’s. As a matter of fact, the test showed that levels of DAPs in the urine of those on a mostly organic diet were 89% less than those on a regular diet.

What’s Wrong with Organophosphates?

Many people are not aware of what exactly organophosphate are – or why they should be concerned about them. They are one of the most common forms of pesticides, with tens of millions of pounds used on crops throughout the use every single year. But they hide a dark past – they were actually developed during World War II and not as a pesticide but as a nerve agent for enemy soldiers. These chemicals were specifically designed to interrupt nerve signals to the muscles and other parts of the body. Often, victims of this would die of suffocation, being unable to breathe due to paralysis of the muscles that operate the lungs.

More research has linked these chemicals to a variety of human health problems, including lower IQ’s and cognitive function in exposed children and higher incidence of ADD or ADHD development. These chemicals have also been discovered to be endocrine disruptors, which can interfere with sex hormones and cause problems with human fertility. They are also suspected in onset of certain cancers like leukemia.

In short, the fact that eating an organic diet can so drastically reduce the levels of these toxins in the human body should be one of the best arguments for eating as little conventionally raised food as possible. Environmental and other issues aside, eating organic is simple better for human health – and now there is one more study to prove it!


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