Why Eating Fresh Can Save Local Farmers Thus Your Life!


Eating fresh foods is one of the easiest steps that you can dive in to begin living a healthier lifestyle which is why it is the step that just about every self-help book spends their time focusing on.

Here in this article, eating fresh is just the second thing to do because we see it as dipping your toe into the pool of healthy living.

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So, Why Fresh Foods Always Taste Better and How By Eating Fresh You Can Give Support To Farmers Near You

Fresh Food Tastes Better!

When asked why fresh food is better than processed foods, we are often given the very same answer that it is “better for us”; however there is more to it than that. The reason that these foods are better for us is because they maintain their natural nutrients, they haven’t been frozen, stewed, artificially flavored, overcooked or microwaved.

Without any of these processes, our foods are able to maintain their natural nutrients and as such, their natural flavors as well which is what makes them taste better – well, that and the lack of obscene amounts of seasonings and preservatives! You can rest assure that fresh foods are indeed a BIG MUST in your daily diet, read this article here.

It may take a while at first but once your taste buds have recovered from the ridiculous amounts of over seasoning they are currently used to, try comparing a microwaved dinner to a freshly prepared dinner and see what your taste buds tell you.
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Decreased Exposure to Poisons and Toxins When Done Organically

Eating fresh foods versus processed foods also gives you the opportunity to make better choices about where the foods that you eat come from.

Due to the way that many of the produce and meat products are farmed these days, we are often exposed to incredible amounts of poisons and toxins through our foods. These toxins come in the forms of antibiotics, growth hormones, fungicides, pesticides, and we are consuming them on a daily basis. The effects that many of these toxic products on our bodies and minds have yet to be discovered; however, a number have been linked to cancers, gastrointestinal upsets, and food allergies.

By making a choice to live a healthy lifestyle and eating organic or locally farmed natural foods, you can know where your foods come from, and what you and your family are being exposed to – on a daily basis!
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Fresh Foods Are Readily Available

Making use of local farms is a great way to support your local community and yet another benefit of living healthy! Healthy foods are always readily available no matter where you go. There is no place on this Earth that you will not be able to find some type of natural food to sustain you or your family.

These foods are easy to obtain, quick to prepare, easy on the digestive system and delicious.
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Well Rounded Nutritional Intake

An additional benefit of eating a healthy fresh food diet is the well rounded nutritional intake that it provides. When you look to the diet of someone who eats natural foods including produce, fresh meat and whole grains versus someone who eats processed foods, you’ll quickly realize that the fresh diet always results in much more, well-rounded nutritional intake.

Produce and fresh meat, in particular, are optimal providers of basic vitamins and building blocks of the human body. These nutrients are not broken down or tainted by the cooking processes used on processed foods, and as such they are more accessible as fuel to the human body.
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Support for Locally Grown Food Producers

Above we mentioned the fact that eating fresh foods supports local farmers. In fact, while researching for references for this article, I stublmed upon website that lists local farmers and who knows, the best one is maybe much near than you think! This is a very important factor, not particularly in terms of a healthy human body, but in terms of a healthy agricultural system.

Areas that support local agricultural programs tend to be much more financially stable, plus they ensure future farming opportunities in those areas.

That isn’t even taking into consideration the reduced use or complete elimination of pesticide use as we mentioned above! These types of practices tend to be frowned upon by generational farmers who pride themselves on their final product.

Thanks for reading and let us know what you do to stay healthy and what do you think of supporting local farmers.

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