Why eat two grams of pumpkin seeds daily?


The mere name of pumpkin take our mind away towards jack-o’-lantern, a carved pumpkin or turnip associated with holiday of Halloween. But in fact it’s a nutritious and versatile plant featuring flowers, flesh and its edible seeds which are rich in protein, zinc, potassium, magnesium, fiber and vitamins. People all over the world have been using it for concocting desserts, soups and breads. During Thanksgiving Americans include pumpkin pie in their major meals.

Also known as pepitas, pumpkin seeds are branded as dark green seeds having a supple chewy texture and an imperceptibly sweet, nutty savoir. Other variety of seeds are also available. The seeds are evergreen and you can enjoy these enchanting and nourishing seeds throughout the year. In the market you will find two kinds of its variability i.e. raw and shelled or baked and shelled.

Pumpkin seeds control various conditions

  • These seeds avert and reduce symptoms related to mild to moderate benign prostate enlargement.
  • In patients having conditions like bladder not emptying completely, urgency, frequency and dribbling can be alleviated by using these seeds. It helps in improving sleep patterns as men do not have to get up often during night to urinate.
  • Because of the presence of zinc in it, the seeds help to modulate male sex hormones. Only two grams of these seeds if eaten regularly helps in providing great health benefits.
  • In animal studies pumpkin seeds have been found preventing or treating diabetes. In late studies it transpired that these seeds and its seed oil helped in improving insulin regulation in diabetic animals.
  • The seeds of this super-food also contain linolenic acid, an essential fat which lessens heart attack risk. Beside this these seeds also effects both LDL and HDL cholesterol levels of a person. The seeds helps in reducing blood pressure and have been found effective in controlling menopausal related symptoms in women.

Which pumpkin seeds are best?

Use compact cream-white, or light yellow seeds which feel heavy in hand. Avoid small sized, thin, shriveled seeds having a poor-quality kernel. Don’t buy cracked, mold or having spots in the seeds.

These seeds can be enjoyed in salads. You can sprinkle them over fruit or vegetable salads. You can find these seeds in desserts, sundaes and other confectionery also.

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