To Eat or Not to Eat: How the Mediterranean Diet Cuts Cancer Risk


Cancer is a great killer of mankind. A lot of people have suffered different kinds of cancer, and most of them died without knowing the cure. There may have been radioactive treatments such as chemotherapy, but the elimination of cancer cells is not guaranteed.

The adage “Prevention is better than cure” couldn’t be any truer. Cancer can actually be avoided by adopting a healthy diet. Mediterranean diet and cancer are two opposing sides of the spectrum, with one as the savior and preserver of life, and the other the destroyer of healthy cells.

Mediterranean Diet Rich In Healthy Oils

Fortunately, the British Journal of Cancer has revealed that eating foods rich in good oil (like good quality olive oil) reduces the risk of cancer by 12 percent. As shown by medical records of over 26,000 men and women from Greece, which is the source of Mediterranean cuisine, these people lived healthier and led longer lives than those who ate foods infused with bad cholesterol.

Epidemiology professor Dr. Dimitrios Trichopoulos claimed the inverse relationship between Mediterranean diet and cancer: that one’s diet is important in battling the Big C and that the traditional diet of the Mediterranean can cut the risk of having cancer cells in the body. Indeed, healthy eating habits aid the body in resisting free radicals and other harmful elements.

Balance Is Key

Another trajectory of the study is the fact that there seems to be no sole superfood, as what other diets suggest. All it takes to be cancer-free is to maintain a balanced diet that will only consist of foods that are rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

The research also suggested the following: Consumers must eat a lot of fruits, legumes, vegetables, monosaturated fat, and whole grains, and less meat and dairy products. Consumers could take fish and wine, but at a moderate amount.

As reported by the Telegraph, on the other hand, olive oil (which is almost always present in Mediterranean meals) can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 68 percent. In the US, about 40,290 women die from breast cancer. If they would incorporate Mediterranean cuisine in their daily meals, let alone include olive oil in their dishes, more lives could be saved.

Prevent Cancer through Wholesome Foods

According to Dr. Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez of the University of Navarra, extra virgin oil is a potent source of good fats and could prevent the formation of cancer cells in the breast. He also maintained that the most sensible way to battle cancer is to simply take preventive measures.

Aside from cancer, the Mediterranean diet also prevents cardiovascular diseases because of the adequate amount of healthy nutrients. This also proves that such diet promotes a more positive well-being and a healthier body.

These researches have enlightened readers on the effects of having a balanced diet and how it could save you from cancer. It is better to start early and keep a lot of produce in your kitchen, than to eat processed foods and regret the repercussions later. Science now attests to the wonders that olive oil, fish, fruits, and vegetables can bring, and it is just a matter of time before medical professionals also find the ultimate cure for cancer once and for all.

Sources: Harvard Health Blog, Nature press releaseBritish Journal of Cancer, and NCBI.

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