Easy Morning Routine to Lose Weight


Let’s face it. Most people will go for the easiest option especially when it comes to losing weight. Pills, powders, supplements, smoothies and expensive exercise equipment are acquired in order to get instant results.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way out when it comes to long term healthy weight loss. It takes years to get to the health status that you have at the moment so it’s unfair to imagine that you can get thinner, fitter and healthier in just a few weeks.

The golden rule of getting fit and restoring optimal health is to begin to set small goals for every week and make small realistic changes every day. In most cases, that doesn’t need huge mental preparation. This is because setbacks will always come and you need to be strong enough to deal with them. In another words, if you set yourself a program that is too strict and during that program, you suffer a mental setback, you will end up quitting the program.

In addition, you can’t live in denial. If you’re graving for something sweet, fatty or salty, you need to have it. The trick is to have something that is free of preservatives, toxins and additives or simply, food in its purest natural form. It’s important to note that even the strongest people crash at some point when following any type of restricting diet. Diets don’t work, end of story.

Anyway, I shared this morning routine due to the fact that it seems to be easy enough to execute. My clients have gotten the boost, results and direction they need towards weight loss and healthier life using this morning routine.

I hope you are open-minded enough to give this program a chance. It’s nothing special or new. Everyone deserves the right to thrive and live a healthy life. My life changed remarkably after being lost in the field of nutrition and I hope yours will change too. Let’s get into it.


1.) Drink at least two glasses of pure warm water after getting out of bed. Water is the basis of all cellular metabolism functions in our bodies. We need it to bring the nutrients into the cells and carry the waste products out. After oxygen, water is definitely the next vital thing.

In addition, squeezing half a lime or lemon into each glass your drink will increase the natural mineral content of the drink boosting up your metabolism immensely and preparing you for the day.


Tip: How much water should you drink daily?

Bodyweight (kg) X 0.033 = is the average daily minimum in liters

Bodyweight (lbs.) X 0.064 = is the average daily minimum in cups


2.) Go for a light walk before breakfast. Only 10-15 minutes of light walking and moving the body will increase the oxygen intake and blood flow to your organs “starting” your metabolism. Remember to keep it light given the fact that aerobic exercising is the most effective way of losing weight according to science and in practice (1, 2, and 3).

Adding some deep breathing to the walk will boost the oxygen uptake vastly. When breathing normally, we using only half (50%) the capacity of our lungs. Therefore, open your arms and take fresh air into your lungs through your nose and blow it out from the mouth. This breathing technique has a massive boost to your overall metabolism.


3.) In order to lose weight and gain other health benefits, we also need to begin activating big muscle groups in the body (4, 5). There are two functional exercises you must consider doing to activate your body. These exercises include; functional squat and push-up exercises. With these two exercises only, you use the upper body, lower body and core muscles in synergy with the body.

Therefore, at the end of your morning walk, do a few push-ups and squats to boost your metabolism immensely. Make your own sets and reps but aim for a total of 30-40 repetitions.

Drinking water in the morning, walking and doing two exercises doesn’t take too much of your time. You can even start with one glass of water, 5 minutes outside and 5 functional exercises while aiming for previous goals in a progressive manner.


Good results and have a happy day!


Teijo Vienola has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. He has specialized in occupational and musculoskeletal pt. He is also a nutritional consultant and writer for Kikulife.

More information about functional health can be found from Kikulife’s website. In addition, you can download a general guide towards energetic and pain-free life from the top of our site.



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Teijo Vienola