This Drink is A Medicine For Diseases – How A Cup of Potato Juice Heal Your Entire Body


Potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for the proper body functions. They are especially enriched in:

  • Vitamin C: A half cup of potato juice contains almost half of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C
  • Potassium: A half cup of the juice provides around 27% of the daily recommended intake of potassium
  • Thiamine: A half cup of the juice provides more than 20% of the daily recommended intake of thiamine

How to make potato juice at home


  • 2-3 medium raw potatoes
  • Salt to taste

Clean the potatoes well, peel them and cut into small chunks with a knife.

Put the potato chunks in the processor, add water and process the mixture until you get a smooth mix.

Pass the juice through a strainer to remove the pulp of potato and your juice is well.

If you don’t like the taste of potato juice, mix it with other fruit or vegetable juices you like, you will get a better taste and more advantages at the same time.

Following is a list of the countless benefits of consuming potato juice:

Potato Juice Benefits For Your Skin

  • Potato juice is a widely used remedy for treating sunburn, apply cold potato juice on the sun burnt skin to get a relief instantly. The solution made with potato juice and honey or olive oil works better for relieving the pain caused by sunburn.
  • You can treat cuts, wounds, sores and cracks in the skin the same way with treating sunburn. Potato juice works effectively for these skin injuries.
  • Potato is an effective anti-aging ingredient, it helps reduce wrinkles and keep your skin looks younger.
  • Apply the juice on your face helps to fade away the dark spots, massage your face gently after applying potato juice and leave it for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.
  • What’s more, potato juice also treats dry skin and removes the dead skin cells on the face.

Potato Juice Reduces Inflammation Thus Treating Arthritis

Raw potato juice is one of the best treatments for arthritis and joint pain, thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. It’s recommended to drink a cup of raw potato juice in the morning before you eat anything for best results.

Potato Juice Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Potato juice prevents hair loss and promotes your hair grow faster in a natural and chemical-free way. For achieving healthy hair, mix 1/2 cup of potato juice with one egg white and a little honey, apply it on your hair, massage for some minutes then leave it for 2 hours before washing off.

Potato Juice Promotes Good Bowel Movements

If you suffer from bad bowel movement, try drinking a cup of potato juice every morning. It helps because of the rich amounts of fiber in potato, which promotes a healthy bowel movement and also keeps your digestive system healthy.

Potato Juice May Has Cancer-fighting Properties

According to a study published in the Food and Function journal and performed by researchers from China’s Northeast Agricultural University found that a substance in potato juice called patatin was able to halt the proliferation of cancer cells in mice with melanoma cancer.

Potato Juice Boosts Your Brain Function

Potato juice has a good amount of vitamin B6, which has been shown to be an natural booster for better brain activity. It also may improve your memory and help avoid depression.

So feel free to include potatoes or the juice of them into your diet to get a never-ending list of benefits for your health.


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