Dragon Fruit- Prevents Cancer, Protects Your Vision, Suppress Sugar Spikes & More


Dragon fruit belongs to the cactus family and they are also known as sweet pitayas. Dragon fruit is native to South America, Central America and Mexico, and it’s also grown in Asian regions such as Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. It is a beautiful fruit with an intense color and shape and also with dazzling flowers.

As it blooms in night, it is also called Moonflower, Queen of the night and Lady of the Night. Dragon fruit comes in three varieties with white flesh, yellow flesh, and red flesh. The flesh is filled with black colored seeds that are mildly sweet in taste.

Prevention of Cancer

Dragon Fruit is a delicious natural source of vitamin C and carotene. The carotene present in the fruit is packed with anti-carcinogenic properties that help in reducing the risk of cancer as well as tumors. The lycopene present in the dragon fruit is the main compound that forms the red color on the dragon fruit and this is also known to reduce of prostate cancer.

Protects Vision

Beta-carotene is one of the ingredients in dragon fruit. It is a substance that causes the dragon fruit beneficial for eye health. If you do not like eating dragon fruit directly, you can mix it with carrot.

Boosts immune system

Vitamin C content of dragon fruit can seriously fortify your immune system. Dragon fruit is also loaded with antioxidants, which will seek out and destroy any free radicals causing damage in your body.


This fruit has plenty of antioxidants that work against the free radicals in your body. These are not only responsible for physical ailments, but also for the aging of your skin! The more antioxidants you will eat from this exotic fruit, the tighter and younger your skin will become.


Dragon fruit isn’t sweet and is an appropriate meal for diabetics. It has a high fiber content that can aid the regulation and stabilization of the levels of blood sugar while suppressing sugar spikes.

Sooth Sunburn

The high measure of supplements and antioxidants in dragonfruit might make it appropriate to effectively nourish sunburned skin. Mix with honey and cucumber juice and make use of this blend to discharge heat sensation from the parts that is affected.

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