Dr. Sebi – a Man Who Naturally Cured The Most Serious Diseases


Dr. Sebi – a man who has naturally cured the most serious diseases. The last 28 years Dr. Sebi has successfully treat diseases that Western medicine is considered incurable. The real name Alfred Bowman, Dr. Himself a self-taught African doctor and herbalist who his natural methods helped people who are ill.

He has healed many people with AIDS, lupus, epilepsy, diabetes, bipolar disorders, various forms of cancer, drug addiction and other diseases. He also had the courage to stand before the court at the American Medical Association to defend themselves, their work and their treatment methods that have helped many people.

In fact, in 1988 he was arrested for “false” advertising and treatment without a license. In court, he testified for 77 people, and after it was shown that these people were really healed, Dr. Sebi was acquitted of all charges.

Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy and John Travolta are just some of the celebrities that Dr. Sebi cured of chronic diseases and other health problems.

Starch and Animal Products – The Enemy of Your Body


The Western medicine causes diseases found in viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. In contrast, Dr. Sebi believes that the main cause and trigger the appearance of a variety of disorders and diseases – mucus, and its excess in the body.

According to his interpretation, the disease is actually the result of the accumulation of toxins that accumulate in the body rather than excreted out.

Causes and Consequences

  1. Excess mucus in the bronchi – Bronchitis
  2. Excess mucus in the lungs – Pneumonia
  3. Excess mucus in the eye iris – Blindness
  4. Excess mucus around thyroid – Thyroid Cancer
  5. Excess mucus in the joints of – Arthritis

Dr. Sebi believed that the major problem of modern society based diet of starch and animal products, which is acidifying the body.
In the acidic body, toxic slime is created .
It slows down and clogs the body’s systems, leading to inflammation.
Dr. Sebi has also claimed that the disease can develop only in the body with an acidic pH-value. If the condition of the body alkaline, not inflammatory processes and people’s healthy and vital.
Therefore, the first step that leads to a healthy diet with alkaline foods, but Dr. Sebi in their works advising a step further, and that is the post.
As an example, he cites Jesus, who fasted for 40 days.
The mode of treatment Dr. Sebija, post combined with natural herbs, which he called a cell or cell food.
This herb nourishes the cells at the deepest level, cleanses them of toxins and supplies the most important minerals.
Dr. Sebi introduced detox bio-mineral therapy which removes deposited clusters toxins  from the body.
At the same time, this treatment regenerates cells and tissues that are damaged due to the long-term acidic condition of the body.


Alkaline Foods Recommended by Dr. Sebija


  • Vegetables :  Kale, Cucumbers, Salad (all except iceberg), Mushrooms (all except shiitake), Olives, Onion, Okra (okra), Seaweed Tomatillo (Mexican tomatoes), Tomatoes (only cherry), Purslane
  •  Fruit : Avocado, Apple, Bananas, Berries, Cherry, Dates, Figs, Grapes (with seeds), Mango, Pears, Papaya, Watermelon (with seeds)  Tamarind, Lime, Orange, Peach, Plums
  • Tea: Anise, Chamomile, Elder, Fennel, Ginger
  • Grains : Amaranth, Quinoa, Wild Rice, Fonio, Kamut.

When it comes to herbs, Dr. Sebi recommended basil, parsley, oregano, dill, sage, cayenne pepper, coriander (cilantro).

Of salt recommended clean sea or Himalayan salt, and of sweetener – agave syrup and sugar from dates.

The healthiest oils are, in his view, coconut, olive, hemp oil, grape seed oil, sesame and pumpkin seed oil.

Dr. Sebi has several, seemingly ordinary, but very important tips for staying healthy.

  • All of these foods is best to eat them raw.
  • Consume organic foods because it is conventional often full of toxins.
  • To flush out and eliminate toxins, drink plenty of purified, filtered water.
  • Never use a microwave!Dr. Sebi has helped mankind until a few days ago.In addition to Los Angeles, and worked as part of the USHA Research Institute and Healing Village in Honduras, a tropical haven with beautiful wild vegetation and healing sulfur thermal baths.He died just in Honduras, August 6, 2016, due to health complications that occurred when the authorities there arrested for possession of small amounts of money in cash.While details of the death of the benefactor who devoted his life to the treatment of other not yet known, the whole world through social networks regrets.

Source and Reference: wakeup-world.com  soulspottv.com

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