Don’t Go For Flu Vaccine. Do This Instead!


I’m blogging today regarding an interesting topic that the FDA, and other health associations doesn’t want you to know.

Well, it’s this that your flu vaccines can make you more sicker.

And amazingly, there is a natural remedy that will blow your mind apart.

But first little about the “Negatives of the Flu Vaccines” based on my research collections:

According to a latest research, carried out on flu vaccine. It’s becoming clear that H1N1 infection, gets aggravated by flu vaccine. Also, other illnesses becomes more pronounced, and their chances increases.

If this is not alarming enough?!

I will write for you another reference put forward by the CNN in 2007, here.

Apart from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and some, other prominent doctors prescriptions which go in favor of flu vaccines. Scientific research has hugely failed in proving the efficacy of flu vaccines.

The strong lobby system of famous pharmaceutical companies, are in joint contract with powerful Government agencies that just abruptly, fabricate any research or alternative preventive techniques that go in favor of the holistic way of disease treatment.

The FDA has gone an extra mile as to reach out to mainstream holistic expert, I won’t name him here for personal reasons. To remove the astragalus as a preventive alternative cure against flu from his website.

So, some of you might now, be aware of the miracle natural prevention against flu vaccine??

Yes, it is ASTRAGALUS.

Astragalus can cure flus, cold, and even boost up your immune system in totality, to fight all kinds of diseases.

Once again, nullifying the false claims raised by the FDA regarding its impotency against antibacterial or antiviral uses. This herbal remedy has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and is lately, picking trend in the Western medicinal society lately. As it helps to boost and strengthen your immunity.

Research, has it that astragalus is potent against fighting sicknesses like ranging from as big as cancer to as minor as common cold. Astragalus, is also an adaptogen that means it build your immune system to fight aggressively against the invaders rather targeting them head-on.

I will give you another reference regarding astragalus cure against flu. The reference is of Janet Zand, CNS, MD, OMD, LAc, author of Smart Medicine for HealthierLiving. She writes in her book that since astragalus is multifaceted, and can cure all kinds of flus, and colds. So, it has much broader scope to prevnt H1N1.

Astragalus, can be used in much diversed way. According to Dr.Sears, M.D., “Our body is a balance of many functions, and to stay healthy, we need to maintain certain balance.

Kiran’s Recommendation:

Astragalus can be taken in form of teas, extracts, powder or capsules usually, present, at your local health stores. I recommend you to daily take 3 tablespoons of astragalus root powder. Either you can take the powder plainly as it has a light sweet, friendly taste or you can add it in your meals to boost the seasoning, and health-enhancing properties.

Stay Healthy!


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Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain
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