Don’t get stuck in the Google bubble


Don’t get stuck in the Google bubble

This shouldn’t come as news, but if you were unaware, Google bubbles you. They bubble you almost like bubble boy. There is no way to get out of it, its just put there with no other options. You are just born into their bubble and told its good. Shhh… its a good thing. Let Google track you, let them sell your data to millions of companies, its not bad, you are a terrorist if you think otherwise. Well lets get into some facts and what the bubble is before it sounds like some mumbo jumbo


  • Google keeps all your search data and never deletes it (they have been doing this since 1995).
  • Google hoards your data and assigns it to private profiles you can’t see or delete.
  • Google has their servers locked down in multiple ways (physical bars) so no one other than the owners and government can see your data.
  • Google likes selling your data.
  • Google enjoys data mining you.
  • Google can censor and alters there search engine whatever they want.
  • Google claims they are going to become the new 2.0 internet.
  • Google is a threat to the internet


  • Google cares about you.
  • Google defends your digital liberties
  • Google products are safe and okay to use.

Now this may sound a little far fetched if this is your first time hearing it. But doing a simple search on Google, you will be able to find all of this data. Google is the number two site globally ranked in the world as of today. Facebook is number one. With big corporations, obviously comes a lot of corruption. Google is one of the most globally recognized companies. They are notorious for their work in the search engine areana, online sales arena, and begin the top ad provider in the world. With a corporation this big, a lot has to go in and out. But Google seems to put more out than is needed. Google will harvest you, like a wall of sheep. They have no remorse for anyone, and are the biggest criminals of the internet. The government loves criminals, so they will let this black hole consume internet in whole. But, there are liberty lovers such as myself, School Of Privacy, Green Wave, InfoWars, Natural News, and millions of others in a world of billions. Now with this black hole sucking up the internet, liberty lovers like myself, are trying so desperately to not let the world get consumed by the “internet 2.0”, but it is. Now what does me bagging on Google have to do with begin stuck in the bubble? A lot!

What is the Google Bubble?

The bubble is something you are stuck in the moment you type into your address bar. You are not asked, you are not warned, you are not told blatantly (they say in the TOS), you get nothing other than the fast loading fancy looking The bubble… what is this bubble. The easiest way to put it is it restricts your searches and puts you in THEIR literal bubble. It starts with your IP address (kinda like your online address). They see you are using Google, so they grab your IP, location, sometimes gender and ethnicity and put you in this account. Everything you search goes into this profile about you. They then morph the searches to be more centered around you. Isn’t that good? No, they morph your searches so they can harvest you more and abuse you. They can censor whatever they want, so in turn you won’t ever see that news. Don’t get me wrong, Google gives some pretty good results at times, but in reality, I prefer my privacy over a result. So when you search you get put into this account that morphs my searches to me? Whats so bad, this sounds pretty dang awesome?! Well let me explain. Well what happens when you type in that embarrassing rash into Google? Google will take that data, put it in your account, morph the search to you, and then provide ads for something similar to what your search history has been. Not only do they sell your data to hundreds of ad companies (these ad companies can send you physical snail mail sometimes), they morph your whole life around what they think you NEED! Not what you want, but what Google says you need. Google is telling us what we want before we actually know what we want. So next time your on a website, and you see a rash removal ad, how did it get there? It wasn’t luck. They took your data, morphed it around you and are displaying what you are telling them. Google isn’t hiding your secrets you type in, no, they are telling everyone you have a rash, or something embarrassing. Not so bad now is it? They are just morphing this bubble around you, and encapsulating you. You don’t like to be heavily data mined, your privacy to be sold, or companies to be told what you do and do not like? You must be a radical! I get called a radical for my precautions, but I could care less. I care for my privacy, and spend every last minute protecting myself from this blackhole that is consuming our once free internet. Google has consumed the internet more than the eye sees. You know when you go on a website, you hear its built of this fancy coding stuff right? Doesn’t seem so bad now. Its just a website that looks nice. Do you know whats inside that code? Are you able to see it with the regular browser? Nope, unless you want to read through thousands of lines of code only to find that you can’t stop that tracking. Google has consumed the internet by offering a free service called Google Analytics. Its a free tracker you can stick into your site, and it gives you a detailed look on your website overall. It gives you your readers Location, browser, what they viewed and for how long, what they searched, how they got to your site, what they did while on your site, and how they utilized your site. Great tool for publishers, but us consumers don’t get to choose to opt out of that tracker, and thousands similar to it. There is a plugin for Mozilla FireFox (and chrome the browser which I do NOT recommend) that allows you to easily opt out of that hidden web. It allows you to completely block it without asking the publishers. It basically says, Goodbye to tracking. You can view my article here on this nifty plugin Ghostery, how to set it up, and how to easily usilize this tool. It allows you to disable Google Analytics. Now why should you care about Google Analytics? This is another way for them to sell your data. They sell what sites you went on, for how long, what you viewed, how they got there, and loads of other privacy invasion tools. When you were looking up questions about your debt, do you really want to be getting letters in the mail selling you bogus “Get out of debt now!” schemes? Do you want these companies to continually abuse their tracking powers, and sell you out without your knowledge? Probably not.  An one last way they are consuming the internet (there are hundreds of ways, I am only going over a few) is with their browser, Google Chrome. Google chrome is made out to be the browser above all. It allows you to sync all Google products into one, and the browser is so light weight it will open in seconds. This Google Chrome browser is a closed source browser. This means that no one other than Google can look at the browsers source code. Mozilla FireFox is open source project. You can actually download all of Mozillas hard work for free. You can tinker with the code, and see if there is anything hidden inside. Nothing to date has been found. But Google has a closed source browser which doesn’t allow users to see whats inside the browser. It doesn’t allow anyone to see whats truly under this “amazing browser”! There have been hundreds of reports on how there are hidden trackers inside the browser. They are said to track you and send Google everything you do online. It sends it to your profile that you didn’t choose to have. This is far worse than any website tracker, this is just an invasion on your life. Google Chrome is also a botnet. They have auto updating software that you don’t get to choose yes or no too. This means Google can install whatever it wants to your computer, whenever it wants. It doesn’t have to prompt you, or even notify you. But Google is so great isn’t it? Make sure you give big brother a kiss on the cheeck!

Well… how do I escape this bubble?

Everyone thinks it will be too hard to escape, they just lay down and become slaves to the giant. But there are many easy ways to circumnavigate the criminal scum

  • Use search engines that take privacy serious( click here to view some). There are hundreds of alternate search engines. The best one in my eyes is DuckDuckGo. What it does, is it gives you 100% raw searches. When you search for something, it does not track you, log your search, or see anything about you. It just sees your search query, finds sites with high reputation pertaining to that topic, and it will spit it out the answer. I say spit it out because it gives you a raw answer, and nothing about you has been logged at all. If you don’t like DuckDuckGo’s raw search, you can use StartPage. It searches Google, but with their servers. So none of your data is leaked to Google. Startpage scans the answers Google would give, and gives them to you securely with no tracking. Search engines are the first step to stopping Googles internet takeover.


  • Use a VPN. What is a VPN? A VPN will give you a fake IP, and a fake location. It makes you appear elsewhere and as someone else. It will give you an IP address that isn’t yours, and that thousands of people use. Google will track this giant VPN’s profile, but there will be no way at all for them to identify you. Thousands of people are using it searching Google, viewing ads, getting tracked, and they don’t care. Why? Because they are protected by this VPN. I do it myself. Sometimes I go nude online. I don’t care to block trackers, or anything. I just choose to use a VPN and walk around with my shield up. It also encrypts my internet so my internet provider cannot see what I am doing online. All they see is encrypted mumbo jumbo. This is the most reliable VPN provider (in my eyes) that I recommend to everyone and personally use on a daily basis (click here).


  • Support freedom loving organizations such as Mozilla FireFox. They are the only reliable 100% open source browser. It has more security features than any other browser on the market because it can be customized so heavily. Even if you are a technology noob and all of this is jibberish, download FireFox here, and use it straight out of the box. See how easy it is to use, and if you don’t like it don’t use it. If you enjoy it, uninstall Google Chrome, and/or stop using Internet Explorer or Opera. Another organization that I heavily stress and heavily support is EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). They are a small group of liberty loving individuals. As of August 3rd, 2013, EFF currently had/has 5 lawsuits open against the NSA. I had the pleasure of meeting a large portion of EFF’s crew at DefCon (a yearly hacker convention in Las Vegas). These are some of the most brilliant individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am such a huge supporter of them that I was a little bit struck when I first met them. They are a collective of extremely brilliant liberty lovers. They are the one of the only reasons the internet is still free. This group operates strictly on donations (donate here). They are a non-profit organization that dedicates every waking hour to keeping the internet free. They have sued more government agencies than any other organization to date. Support EFF and help defend you digital liberties, soon NaturalNews will be labeled as a terrorist organization if these laws keep getting proposed.


  • Educate others on the current situation. Tell others how Google is sucking you into a blackhole. Word of mouth will get around a lot quicker. Google is the giant that can squash whoever they want. They can censor alternative media sites from the search engine and de rank them. The only reason we are not getting sucked in is because people care enough to do something about it. People like Mike Adams, Alex Jones, and many others are taking a stand and pushing back. You can see that too, the mainstream media is freaking out and saying Alex Jones inspired the boston bombing. Simply because he is standing up to the global scum, and we are smart enough to follow him, and tell our friends and family about him. Tell others about whats going on. People will laugh at you, but lets see who is laughing when their search data is leaked and big brother is watching them sleep.


  • Be smart. The last tip to not get bubbled is be smart. Think twice before using Google. Think twice before saying Google it. Maybe tell a friend to search it on DuckDuckGo. Maybe tell someone about it. Maybe explain to your friends and/or family how they are getting data mined. See if any of them care enough to make the switch. Be smart, and make the choice that you feel is right.



Yes I am a radical that hates Google. I may sound crazy, but just go look any of this data up for yourself. I may blow some of it out of proportion, but there is only so much we can see, and there are a lot more detailed jobs going on on the inside. We need to get this information out there. Don’t let Google censor you, don’t let Google run you. Google can tell you what you want before you know what you want. Do you want technology knowing your brain better than it knows itself? Open your mind, take what others say into consideration. Break it down. Do you still have the ability to process realistic legitimate thoughts, or has something taken over? Open your own mind, and write for See what skills you have, or even find a skill. Open your mind, and open others. The blogging community is tight knit, and always in need of more publishers. If everyone became a blogger and expressed their skillset, the world would still be able to think. Write for the site, its free, and you will find out if you can really process a clear mindset. If you can’t, find what you can do to change that. Reach out to other bloggers, educate yourself. Turn off the TV, turn off the iPhone, stop drinking the soda, put down the junk food and see what your mind can do for you.

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