Don’t eat it if you cannot stop. Eat Carob instead!


Hi Maria, that is what happens when you work for yourself. Ask me, I have never had an 8 to 5 job. My work hours are 18 per day. Unfortunately my back hinders a lot and I am on a very hectic and expensive detoxing program prescribed by my health nutritionalist. I am off Epilim now for about 6 weeks and my back is getting better; albeit very, very slowly. I am not taking brufen on a daily basis (I use to take up to 4 pd) and I can even go shopping at the mall now and even go to church twice on Sundays without having to take brufen. The house work is still a challenge and I cannot keep a maid as they stress my out big time and I am trying to eliminate things that stresses me out. Luckily Gavin; my ‘care taker’; helps me make the guests beds and do the chores that are just not possible for me to perform. I pruned about 120 rose trees/bushes since Saturday and sprayed them with lime sulphur to combat blackspot, white blight and other fungi. Another thing that only I can do. Gavin and my gardener do the rest like the scarifying of the lawns this time of the year before the rains come. Nick is still overseas in the UK visiting his ailing mother and I take care of ‘complains’ from tenants until he comes back. I think he is returning early next week. I miss the old soul; Nick. Hehehe. Hope you have a lovely day. Love. m PS. I have run out of lime sulphur and have to make a turn at flora farm today to replenish. I would like to do Joyce’s roses for her as well because her kiddies keep her busy full time with the homeschooling and all. I was bad last night; I ate 16 chocolates. That is disgusting!! I took the bottle with carob chunks out of hiding and placed it in a prominent place near my fridge instead and placed the chocolates in hiding.

Marietjie Morgan