Don’t Drink the Water

When I was young, one popular joke on television shows was about not drinking the water outside the United States. The most common line used was about Montezuma’s revenge. In reality, this is not a joke. In addition, not having any clean drinkable water is not funny at all.I started to think again about our world’s water situation when I shared Professor Nieter’s Blog last week on my Facebook page. He wrote about 2014 winter’s snow melting and being filled with garbage along the streets that eventually goes into our waterways.  Feel free to visit his Blog at the Alley Pond Park Wetland Nature Preserve and leave a comment, but please finish reading this posting first and this is WHY…

The facts about wasting water and water shortages immediately erases the passive pictures we may create so that the serious tone to this topic can be ignored, put off, or just not believed. If you do not know some of the details and facts to this topic, then please keep reading. This will help put things into perspective.The United Nations has done some estimations that state by the year 2025 almost 75% of our planet’s people will have serious shortages of clean drinkable water. The period of time for these shortages will vary from occasionally to constant. The United States will not be excluded from these fresh water shortages. Our old infrastructure and inadequate storage will contribute to our country having serious problems.To understand how bad things can become, all we have to do is look at areas of our world already suffering from fresh water shortages. Without a safe fresh water supply we have seen waterborne diseases increase and mostly children are the victims. In Africa tens of thousands of people, mostly children, die from being infected with schistosomiasis each year. This parasitic disease plus diarrhea diseases, kill people because there is no fresh, clean and reliable water. Without fresh water we cannot survive. Many women and children in Africa spend most of their day walking several miles to secure, collect, and return with water for their family. Thus leaving little or no time for going to school, taking care of the family, growing food, community, and other job related tasks. STOP, think of turning on your water faucet one early morning and there is no water coming out. Life will change…

Ask someone in America who had water rations done in their township and how that little difference caused a big change in their life. Now think of a real fresh water shortage in your life, it will not just be an inconvenience

To learn about the following:
– the serious water issues growing each year
– how to save a significant amount of money on the way you drink water
– how to live healthier with the water your family drinks
– help to protect and save our water supply for our children’s children
– know the origins of water, so you can help solve serious water issues. Visit our EHW website for details, class starts once you click on the Logo.

You will not be tested by me, but life may test your grandchildren. Can you teach them what they need to know?Bill, GTG
Bill Lauto
Bill Lauto is an Environmental Scientist and Energy Consultant who came on the scene in 1981 to present facts and teach details about how we can save money, energy, and our environment, without making sacrifices. His voice was one among the few who taught green facts long before anyone else talked about Going Green.

Mr. Lauto has an Environmental Science degree from St. John's University, Energy Auditor Certification from New York Institute of Technology, and Certification in Thermal/Heating from S.U.N.Y. at Farmingdale. He interned at Equitable Environmental Health that brought him to evaluate the environment at LILCO's Nuclear power plant that never opened. As an entrepreneur, he operates, and holds a U.S. Patent with a Trademark on an environmental and energy-related product.

Mr. Lauto has done and managed thousands of energy audits for homeowners. Not one recommended a single action that implied sacrifice. He never stated once that to save money and energy one must turn down their thermostat and wear a sweater. During the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day, Bill Lauto was the Energy Advisor to the Earth Day Committee in New York. Mr. Lauto was the attending expert witness to the press conferences of former New York’s Major Dinkins and Commissioner Mark Green. His expertise has been utilized by power companies such as: the New York Power Authority and the Long Island Lighting Company as well as by Mr. Mark Green, former Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, NYC.

Mr. Lauto has served as the Environmental and Energy expert on several television news and radio talk shows. He has provided information and consulting services on topics such as: air, cooling, heating, lighting, appliances, recycling stations, solar, wind, bio-fuels, hydrogen and water to: Clearwater, Consumer Report Magazine, European American Bank, Home Depot, LILCO, NBC, Macy*s, New York Power Authority, NYPIRG, Time Warner, EPA, thousands of homeowners, celebrities, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and many government accounts.

Information about Mr. Lauto, his articles, and work have been published in newspapers across the country, including: Consumer Report magazine, Kiplinger's Financial magazine and Business Ethics magazine. Mr. Lauto has been interviewed by ABC news, the New York Times, Cable News L.I. and was in a special television home audit hosted by Al Roker of NBC, but was never aired due to breaking news.

For over twenty years, Mr. Lauto has been stating that we don’t need foreign oil, we have the technology to make America energy independent. serves to educate the public for free on how to lower energy cost by 60% or more, while uses videos and Mr. Lauto's Blog to help dispel mis-information and provide the facts about truly Going Green.