Doctors Inject 6-year-old Girl with HIV in an Effort to Treat Cancer


As part of an extreme clinical trial, doctors have injected a six year old girl with the HIV virus in an attempt to cure her of leukemia.

Perhaps even more amazingly, the treatment worked.

Emily Whitehead, more commonly known as Emma, is now cancer-free.

The study is being conducted by Dr. Carl June and Dr. David Porter, of the University of Pennsylvania. Patients involved in the trial are in the final, terminal stages of various forms of cancer.

According to Dr. June, the patients are injected with a genetically engineered version of the HIV virus.

Instead of causing disease, this new version of the virus is injected into healthy T-cells that are then reprogrammed so that they are able to recognize and attack cancer and tumor cells. Doctors call these new T-cells “Serial Killer Cells.”

This video tells the story of Emma, a six year old girl who is dying from leukemia. This is the third time she has been hospitalized with the disease, having gone into remission twice before.

Once injected with the genetically engineered form of the HIV virus, Emma became incredibly sick. She developed blood pressure issues and respiratory problems that very nearly took her life; but as the modified T-cells began working, Emma’s condition began to improve.

In the end, she woke up free of the leukemia that had been affecting her, and continues to live a normal life.

The treatment is obviously still in the very early experimental stages; patients are warned before beginning the trial that it could be dangerous, and not everyone will have the success that Emma had.

In fact, the treatment very nearly took Emma’s life. Over time, however, doctors claim that the treatment can be refined into a true cure for cancer.

As an advocate for natural health, what do you think of this?

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