Doctor: “We Were Told To “Ignore the Inserts, That’s Lawyer Jargon”


Dr Benton is on the board of Physicians for Informed Consent and in this interview she describes how she went from medical school trained doctor with zero vaccine information to questioning vaccines. She stopped vaccinating her children at child number three. Also included in this interview is a roundup of her very interesting discussion with the CDC (See the reference section for the full interview).

“I’m Cammy Benton and I finished Medical School in 2000. Then I did an additional transitionary year and then three more years of medicine residency at Chapel Hill.

We were told on our rotations that vaccines were safe and effective. Here’s a schedule. Ignore the inserts…that’s lawyer jargon. They show us pictures of children in Africa dying and we don’t want this back. I remember we had an ethics class on whether or not we should still keep people who don’t vaccinate and we decided we should still keep people in your clinic. At their Chapel Hill clinic they voted we should actually help the people in hopes that we could talk them into some vaccines.

I think in medical school you’re learning so much that is kind of difficult to learn. You assumed that the vaccines were… the science was settled tried and true you just didn’t question. That was the easy part. Okay this is for sure so you just accept that and don’t even research it. The rest is kind of new and so you’re just busy learning everything else so you just accept it.

Then you have 3 children and when you’ll bring in your eldest you thinking ‘I’m gonna vaccinate’ the only thing I questioned was they have 2 days to get the vaccine at birth but beyond that I felt like as being rebellious by not giving it at the hospital.

There is a sense of urgency that they teach you that if you don’t vaccinate them they could die from something. I think that I was kind of passive even then. I actually knew a lot of anti-vaxxers back in the day. You know that the parents didn’t do it they talked about Wakefield and and I was just like ‘Well you’ve done the research’ I always gave him the choice. I tended to have a following anyway… people who didn’t vaccinate because I was like your kids and I Sai didn’t have a strong feeling either way honestly but I can tell you that talk to my friends who are super doctors and giving vaccines they’re terrified to wait a week like literally when one of them who’s starting to wake up a little bit she’s like ‘I’ve got a kid with the ear infection which one should I skip today?’ I’m like …all of them! You don’t give anything with an ear infection! They’re sick and this child is like months of ear infections you got to fix these infections. If you’re gonna continue vaccinating you get to fix the immune system first.

I vaccinated all of them (my 3 children) I stopped with the third one because I finally woke up. I stopped at four months with the third baby but it was kind of interesting. I’ll tell you about the story about the first child because it took me a long time to wake up. Like beating me over the head and it wasn’t like I was ever this habit like oh my god I’ve got her like vaccinate her… it’s just what you do. You just vaccinate.

You researched the car seats, you researched everything. I was making organic homemade baby food you know. I was not only going in there with that hesitation, I (also) felt like I didn’t have the right to protect my kid. I felt like it was obligatory. Then I was looking back even over the shot record. It’s like… ‘No, I did decline flu shots because I’m super anti flu shot’ I was even then I was anti flu shot. I look back and they had given him flu shots even though it was on her records. I know I said no to flu shots. So they were there.

I wrote a letter to the paediatrician because honestly I was so angry because I always liked her before but I was so angry and I worked in the same medical system. I wanted a medical exemption but there’s no ‘medical proof’ and then when they asked for people to give records to support medical exemptions this stuff does not even make it into the chart.

Here I am, a doctor who fully vaccinated my children, the children have vaccine reactions and nothing made it in the chart. The doctor didn’t take it seriously at all. Now they thought I’ve lost my mind and of course they dismissed the whole humming feature and the second child with dramatic Myositis that autoimmune disease and then my third shot with malabsorption and the hospital turned losing weight after a second round of shots and food allergies and I thinking all of them have methylation impairment. I’m like ‘Over my dead body’ so then I started researching like a fiend.

So then the CDC whistleblower thing happened. I was so excited thinking like… We’ve got ’em! …and then nothing on the news. Then there’s… maybe I’m crazy? Maybe it’s just made up by the natural people but there was Jim Posey actually talking about it. Then I’m like ‘No, this is real!’ Where is the noise on the radio station? Meanwhile you’ve got this measles epidemic where no one dies and that’s all they could talk about; these ‘dangerous’ anti-vaxxers but no, not a word about Bill Posey talking about the whistle blower. Not one word.

Oh… then I just got even angrier. And then, of course, holistic doctors start dropping off like flies. Someone said ‘Aren’t you afraid to speak up?’ I’m like, ‘Listen, if I don’t speak up, these children that I’ve already screwed up once, are gonna have to get their vaccines in the seventh grade, again for college and again every ten years for the rest of their lives if I don’t speak up for it now. I’ve got to protect my children. ‘

Then I was in a place where we still had to give vaccines and it was then… that’s when I started trying to give more informed consent because we don’t give informed consent. That’s total BS that we give informed consent. It’s like ‘Here’s your sheets. There’re your shots. Out the door’ There’s no informed consent for any vaccine. I found as I started giving informed consent, of course, I talked most parents out of vaccines. Then I started getting nasty-grams from Medicaid.

Is around that time I decide I’m gonna open my own clinic. I can’t even with any conscience do this anymore. If someone wants a vaccine I’ll give them informed, true informed consent. That’s my goal. I will give you the risk and benefits. If you really still want to do for your child I’ll refer you to the health department. I don’t give any vaccines in my clinic. I’ll send you to the pharmacy if you really feel like it but you better believe I’m gonna give you true informed consent. Risk of disease. Risk of the vaccine. Risk or the ability to treat the infections. If you don’t vaccinate what you could do if you don’t vaccinate. So I started giving that information. Also during this time I’m also starting to see people who have had vaccine injuries and being fired by their primary care doctor”

“See in a malnourished country they’re gonna die…instead… ‘Let’s vaccinate them!’ How about they give them clean drinking water? Teach them about germs? Very noble sources of food? That’s what they need, not a buttload of vaccines. You notice what happened for us, in 1963, prior to vaccination, there’s a 92-90% reduction across the board for infectious disease /measles death prior to vaccinations. It was hand-washing, sanitation, the idea that you use antibiotics for secondary infections, that’s what made the difference in the mortality of our children. And now you’re stuck vaccinating the heck out of them. We’re number one for infant mortality among developed nations in the WORLD.

To me the idea of quackery, the definition of quackery is having people come every three months for the rest their lives, with the same disease, adding pills, increasing doses and never with a hope of getting them better. Meanwhile, I do functional medicine at a micro clinic where I’m getting people off of prednisone for the rheumatoid arthritis and getting people off the blood-pressure pills, off of statins, their joint pains are gone, there’s clarity. Their abdominal issues, their bowel syndrome that they were told they have to live with for the rest of their life it’s gone. I’m not doing magic out there. I’m healing them from the inside out through nutritional means and gut support. Doctors are doing this across the country and we’re growing in numbers and eventually… there’s a paradigm shift and we’re coming. This current state that they’re running, they’re running afraid and we’re coming, I’m not stopping anywhere. I’m not afraid now”

Interview with VAXXED TV’s Polley Tommey (as accessed 14 Nov 2018).

Benton is Dr Bentons’s clinic’s website.

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