Do You Choose Cancer or Does Cancer Choose You?


New research from the National Cancer Institute shows that your diet and lifestyle choices actually determine your risk of developing cancer. In most cases, cancer develops over many years as a result of your lifestyle choices. The good news – you have the power to prevent and defeat cancer! These 5 tips will help you develop an anti-cancer diet.

Choosing Cancer

Cancer is not a fun way to die but dying of cancer, it turns out, is your choice. It is always shocking when people that I talk to about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle express that they are not interested. They want to continue to eat and live the way that they want. They consume a diet of mostly toxic, processed foods. They are more familiar with indulgence than they are with discipline. Stating that “we all die of something”, they shirk personal responsibility and carry on with a lifestyle that has been proven to result in cancer, heart disease and horrible death. It is certainly true that we will all die of something. So, why would you choose a lifestyle that increases your chances of dying an awful death from cancer or, worse yet, toxic cancer treatments?

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6a

Most people know that a healthy diet is a wise decision but many people to not realize that your diet directly affects your risk of developing cancer. New research, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute(2,3) and reported on by Reuters (1), clearly demonstrates this link between diet and cancer. Those who choose the standard American diet, develop cancer at a much higher rate than those who choose a healthy diet. The researchers pointed out that the study focused on overall diet rather than specific foods, showing that it is more an accumulation of healthy dietary choices yielding this anti-cancer effect. They also pointed out that it is likely that those who chose a healthy diet probably opted for other healthy lifestyle choices as well.

Great News But Can We Do Better?

While this study showed a clear link between cancer prevention and simple dietary choices, even some people following these dietary standards still developed this aggressive cancer. Why? This study used the Healthy Eating Index-2005(4,5) which is a government guideline that measures adherence to government-established dietary standards. It gives higher scores for eating the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains and whole grains. However, it also gives an even higher weight for consuming the recommended amounts of milk, meat and oils. Scores are downgraded for higher consumptions of saturated fat, sodium, solid fats, alcoholic beverages and added sugar. This is really just the bare minimum of what could be considered a healthy diet! Yet, following even this minimal standard yielded cancer protection! You can do even better and greatly increase your chances of never developing cancer.

5 Tips to Maximize Your Anti-Cancer Results

1. Maximize the green veggies! Rather than including just the bare minimum, try to consume an abundance and a variety of fresh, raw vegetables. Vegetables, especially brightly colored vegetable and cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts) are alkalineanti-inflammatory, and loaded with antioxidants. These are the very properties of an anti-cancer diet.

2. Minimize high sugar fruits. When it comes to fruit, choose low sugar fruits such as berries and green apples. Eat them whole rather than as a juice and eat them sparingly. Though fruits are healthy, especially berries because of their high levels of antioxidants, they also contain a lot sugar which is inflammatory and cancer promoting.

3. Ditch the dairy. Casein protein in dairy has been found to be a cancer promoter. Casein is present in dairy foods whether they are organic or not. Of course, non-organic dairy is doubly toxic as it is also loaded with hormones and antibiotics given to the cows. But what about the protein and calcium that cow’s milk is supposed to provide? The fact is that the high temperature  processing of dairy products denatures the protein and destroys the calcium, making both virtually unavailable for your body to use. Your body can acquire more calcium and more protein from dark green leafy vegetables than from dairy.  

4. Minimize or eliminate animal protein. The guidelines used in the study above do recognize that red meat is associated with cancer risk. However, all animal protein is acidic and cancer promoting. If you choose to consume animal sources of protein, it must be strictly limited. If you truly want eradicate your cancer risks, then eliminate it altogether.

5. Do not fear fat! This study used guidelines published in 2005 when saturated fat was being actively vilified. It was erroneously viewed as an enemy of your health. Fortunately, this part of the Healthy Eating Index was modified in the 2010 version(6). However, it is important to note that, while trans fats are cancer promoting and dangerous to your health, saturated fats such as coconut oil are not. Coconut oil is a saturated fat that should be included in your diet daily if you desire to defeat cancer and achieve optimal wellness! The amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of coconut oil make it a must-have in your anti-cancer diet and lifestyle. See 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Coconut Oil Everyday for more on the health promoting benefits of coconut oil.

Don’t Allow Cancer to Choose You

You have the freewill to choose how you live. The choices you make everyday regarding how you think, how you eat, and how you exercise all directly impact your level of health and wellness. The more you optimize these factors, the more enjoyment you get out of your life. The more wellness you have, the more you able to give and help others and support your loved ones.

Although we cannot choose when we will die, we do have the ability to greatly contribute to how we will die. I am saddened to see family members and friends of mine choose lifestyles that I know will lead to cancer and other diseases. Vibrant health is a choice. It may not be an easy choice at first but as you adopt a wellness lifestyle, your body will thank you. Your family and loved ones will thank you as well. You can do it!

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