Ditch the Drugs: How Going Natural Can Help You Regain Your Health


We live in a society where taking a pill for whatever ails you has become commonplace. When people go to the drug store and pick up their medications by the sack full, we have a problem. Prescription medications can cause horrible side effects that can be worse to deal with than the original ailment. Here are five reasons why you might want to ditch the drugs and go all natural to regain your health.

Eastern Medicine is Holistic and Safe

Though the terms eastern and western medicine have been ingrained in most people’s minds, eastern medicine has been used for centuries. Some think this method of treatment is “newfangled.” The purpose behind this holistic treatment is to use things growing in nature. Eastern medicine is a pure and simple form of herbs and other things found in the wild. Because it doesn’t use chemicals, this natural form of treatment is safe for the most part. As with anything else however, even some herbs can become dangerous when used in large amounts or mixed with other substances.

Natural Remedies are Transparent

Most people don’t know exactly what is in their prescription medication. They can be full of fillers and all sorts of things that you may never know anything about. Prescriptions drugs have toxins that natural therapies don’t have. Some synthetic flow agents found in non-natural products can be toxic. What is considered one of the advantages of magnesium stearate is that it is a desirable natural flow agent. Natural products are often straightforward. You know what ingredients you are getting in herbal teas, for example.

Medications Mask The Problem-Holistic Practices Treat The Issue

A chiropractor is a holistic professional that uses natural supplements to promote healing. Rather than just taking a prescription drug for a headache, it may be caused by an alignment issue or a pinched nerve. By alleviating the pinched nerve the headache is relieved. Holistic supplements look to provide the body the “food” it needs to rejuvenate. When the drugs wear off the pain is often still there.

Many Can Avoid Surgical Procedures

One of the many reasons why people turn to natural supplements is because they have tried Western medicine to not avail and now they are facing surgery. It is commonplace for physicians to want to do surgery when they are out of options. However, holistic treatment is another option for healing. You may be able to avoid unnecessary surgery with some natural treatments.

You Will Feel Like You Again

So many have looked for the answer to their health in a bottle of prescription medications. While that may work for some, there are still many that are suffering and desperate for help. These people are the ones who turn to holistic treatments. It can help people feel good again, without taking a handful of pills every morning.

Natural remedies can help with many different ailments. If you feel like your normal medications are doing enough, consider natural treatments to see if you can improve your health.

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about health, fitness, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing. The information used in this article on the advantages of magnesium stearate was provided by Seidler Chemical.

Anita Ginsburg