Disobeying Big Pharma And The Myth Of Mental Illness


In this amazing video a brilliant psychologist lays out the myth of mental illness that has been constructed and sold to us. This myth benefits big pharma, doctor’s and “care” providers who want to stay employed. There has been a huge surge in the number’s of American’s being diagnosed and treated for an invisible “mental illness”.  These people are suffering with everything from bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and the boom of self harm among young women and men. There can be no question that people are suffering. There can be no question that anxiety and chronic sadness are crippling a society and that many of these people see no way out. The fact that diagnosis’s are heaped on them at their most vulnerable point and that they are prescribed medicines with long ranging and severe effects cannot be said to be the answer.

There is no other form of “medicine” wherein the patient goes through no diagnostic test other than what is basically an interview, before being handed down the diagnosis of a disease. They are then sent home with a prescription for medicine’s that often actually INCREASE the risk of suicide and self harm, especially among young people. We hand out diagnosis’s of ADHD and pills to “cure” it, like candy. Children are told that if they can’t sit still and focus for 8 hours a day they are probably suffering from a neurological or mental illness that needs to be treated with literal speed. Let me say that again for people in the back: Young children are being given SPEED as a MEDICINE. There is zero positive health outcomes that can come from this. In fact, ADHD is probably not even a real “disease” more than it is just the expression of personality traits or a reaction to stress.

I have no doubt that people suffering from emotional and mental pain are telling the truth. They ARE suffering, suicidal, miserable, disoriented, and/or fighting for their lives. My question is WHY? There is a massive link between GMO’s and diet and mental illness.  There is soul fracturing and emotional pain that needs to be worked through not medicated away. Many of us work long hard hours in jobs we hate, don’t know how to communicate with our spouses or loved ones, and are manipulated by the media to think that unless we rich and powerful we are failures. Body dysmorphia often stems from an unhealthy media that brain washes us from a young age to equate sexual prowess and image with self worth. Don’t even get me started on the vaccine-mental health connection! I look forward to sharing an entire other article just focusing on that connection.

Maybe instead of looking for the new pill to “treat” mental illness, we should look at WHY people are suffering so much and find a way to heal the source not the symptoms.



Hi All! I am a health freedom activist, holistic healer, health educator, and most importantly a mom. I currently travel extensively with my family, exploring the world and seeing new things!