The Direct Route between Question and Answer in Life


Everything that I’ve learned in life has come as an answer to a question I’ve had. It hasn’t mattered whether the question was asked in silence within me, or asked out loud in a curious sense in front of others. The answers have always turned up and made themselves available to me.

Such an answer is the reason for how I know that it must be the same for other people. We do all receive the answer to any question we have, in one way or another. It always comes, directly to the person who asked the question. We have traditionally turned to people that are really good listeners, to hear what their answers are to our questions, because we trust their ability to hear the answers better than our own ability. I would suggest to start trying out your own capability to pick up those answers, rather than relying on the answers to go through someone else first. It’s totally worth it, if you ask me.

Drawing conclusions intellectually or accepting answers received and trying them out

Whenever I meet others, I know within that we are from the same place, going in the same direction, but in different manners and with different challenges and different preferences. We are different, it seems, but I really feel we are all one and the same being in essence.

This is a part of why I know that if something about life is true to me, then I share that truth with all other human beings. Not on an individual, separated basis, like if I am allergic to something everybody else must be allergic to the same thing, but rather that if I can increase my intuition, and it constantly guides me to a way in life with more flow and ease and joy, then it must be the same for everybody else with a human consciousness – and if I doubt it, I am free to go ahead and start looking for evidence that supports this answer, or that perhaps are contradicting it.

And after testing out a high enough number of those answers that I’ve received from life, and found nothing that contradicts them, then I can start relying on them a bit more, not feeling the need to investigate and cross-reference and hesitate on them so much the next time.

Receiving, understanding, acting upon

Our ability to listen to the answers arriving at the doorstep of our consciousness, decides how much we understand about ourselves and life. Our ability to follow and take action on the answers is the key to success and progress, to evolution and unification on a consciousness level.

The answers have to come from a completely unified, diversified and omnipresent consciousness, otherwise everybody would not have access to it. And since the answers, that over and over again prove themselves very valuable to our understanding of life and ourselves, and also to the situation that we asked about and how it can change for the better, are coming from this absolute awareness about all life, then it means we can learn, bit by bit, to trust it in more and more important matters, knowing more and more that it does guide us in the right direction, every time.

It takes a lot to trust these answers coming to us, and it takes practice to follow the sometimes very well hidden wisdom within those answers, and take action upon them. They may be hidden from our intellectual mind and may seem irrational at a first glance, but our heart mind knows what’s going on, and is eager to start following and acting upon the answer. And when looking back, the intellectual mind will too see more clearly how things had to re-arrange themselves before the answers could be fully visible to it as well.

But when we do trust the answers and act upon them, we fly. We don’t leave the Earth in any way, but we feel a sense of a higher perspective, an ease from certain troubles and experiences, and we move forward faster than before. Forward in the meaning of moving into a more unified and peaceful consciousness, and from a separated and distrustful perspective of life.

Being unaware to find awareness

We have no idea what answers this unified consciousness level brings to others around us. It might not be the same answer to two different persons having the same kind of trouble in life. It may be coming in different shapes and forms to each person, although in the end leading towards the same direction, which is more peace and a more unified consciousness within everybody.

Unified would not mean “boring” or “predictable (from a lower perspective)” or un-bothered by what happens around us. It would mean accepting all life as it is, choosing ones one path whenever the choice appears, and following the answers to our questions when we feel that we are ready to do that. And to not know the answer consciously beforehand, is the only way we could ever learn to ask the right question, and to recognize the truth in the answer we receive to the question.

In one level of ourselves we know all about life, and we are not separated from that omni-present, unified consciousness with our awareness on that level, but being here on Earth, in a human body and with a human consciousness, means to find our way all the way back to that level, through a lot of distractions, into the knowing that we are all a part of that same consciousness that provides us with the infinite number of answers we ask for.

A small answer to “What is God”

I’ve always felt that what so many of us call “God”, would have to be within us all, and everything, and it would have to be fully aware of everything that is going on everywhere at any given moment in this flow of existence, and it would be fully accepting and fully allowing us to exercise our free will, allowing us to learn as we move through life with the consequences of our different choices.

But, for ourselves as human beings, the purpose could not be to embrace “all that is”, since we couldn’t know of anything else but what we experience in and from the perspective of our own lives. Instead it would only be to be at peace with life as we know it, and to be open to some new answers to the same question we’ve asked some times before, since our perspective constantly changes as we do.

I will keep on asking questions that I wish to know the answers to, and I will keep trusting that the answers are provided in the same moment that I ask for them, and that they will lead me towards more peace, acceptance and a higher perspective and understanding about life.

My question right now is: If water is a carrier of memory (Amazon affiliate link), and we consist of so much water, then aren’t we in some way, perhaps subconsciously, in touch with everything that has happened on Earth at any time in history, since it is the same water that is traveling all over the planet in different forms and stages?

I am so looking forward to hearing what life has already answered about this!

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