Difference Between Jock Itch and Scabies and How to Treat Them Naturally


It’s very common to get itchy rashes in the genital areas. Well! Who knows when they turn into a dangerous disease like scabies, or jock itch. These genital itching areas cover below the belly button part till the knees, the hip area or the area around the anus. Also, it covers the penile or scrotal areas.

Many of these cases occurs when you physically get involved with someone sexually. So, children are out of the reach of this disease.

Conditions that may be sexually transmitted to another person include;

  • Viral infections such as warts, molluscum contagiosum, and genital herpes
  • Infestation caused by insects such as pubic lice and scabies
  • Fungal infections, such as jock itch

Moving further if we talk about the difference between scabies and jock itch, it is different from one another. Scabies when not treated well, further leads to jock itch, which is risky for health.

Let’s check out the difference…

Jock Itch; Overview

Jock itch is an extremely agonizing and uncomfortable wonder found in the hot areas. Jock itch happens when these organisms get multiplied in the skin because of wetness and cause infection in the crotch area of men as well as women.  It appears like a ringworm, also known as Tinea Cruris.

Who are at risk?

  • Jock itch is extremely normal around the globe and this issue is more in warm, soggy areas, as the organism or fungus flourishes in these conditions.
  • People who wear tight cloths for long periods, share attires, take part in games, or are overweight or diabetic are the one who gets affected by the jock itch.
  • It is commonly seen in adults or grown-up men.

Scabies; Overview

Scabies is extremely infectious and spreads quickly in swarmed areas, for example, doctor’s facilities, nursing homes, penitentiaries, child care facilities, and different other areas where individuals spend a quality time for hours with their close contact.

Who are at risk?

  • Scabies is found in individuals of all ethnicity, all ages, both genders, and at all financial levels.
  • The infestation is not only caused by dirty environment, but one can see the disease flourishing in those individuals who live in swarmed, urban conditions.
  • Those people are at high risk who continues skin to skin contact with others like shaking hands, hugging, or get intimate with close one.
  • It spreads speedily among members when you come in contact every day, or using other member’s stuff like garments, towels, soaps, or bed sheets.

To treat them naturally, below are the ways in order to get rid of scabies and jock itch;

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil slaughters the parasite that causes scabies. Likewise, the anti-inflammatory, germicide, anti-parasitic , antibacterial, anti-fungal and wound-mending qualities of tea tree oil to treat scabies. Though, it can successfully treat jock itch alongside different sorts of skin diseases. It, likewise, has profound purifying and fortifying components alongside an effective antibacterial quality.

Apple Cider Vinegar: By blending apple juice vinegar in water and apply it on the infected area with a cotton swab 2 to 3 times in a day diminishes the scabies infection. Applying apple juice vinegar time to time gives successful results. Whereas, washing the affected skin with apple juice vinegar is an extraordinary way to manage jock itch. It has solid anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to cure and control different skin diseases.

Rubbing Alcohol: Rubbing liquor or any alcohol doused with paper towel brings instant alleviation from scabies. Individuals experiencing serious itching, can apply liquor on infected parts. Douse the area with paper towel for moment help, those parts which are affected from many days, require more care. Though, Rubbing alcohol jock itch kills the bacteria causing the infection. Moreover, being a drying specialist, it keeps the infected area dry; parasites flourish in warm, damp situations.

White Vinegar: White vinegar can, likewise, assist incredibly in managing a skin disease like jock itch or scabies; as it has anti-fungal and germ free properties. By blending white vinegar with water, Soak a washcloth in this solution and utilize it to wash the affected area, tenderly and completely. Also, apply the Vinegar with coconut oil on the infected skin. Just leave it for a couple of hours before washing it off. Do this twice every day until you dispose of the problem.

Bleach: Bleach consists of a clean, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that treat jock itch. Just blend it well in a bucket or in a bathtub from which you’ll going to take the bath. Dip  yourself in the water for around 15 minutes every day, depending upon the seriousness of the condition. The same goes in the case of scabies. Scabies bugs are difficult to evacuate as they are under the skin and bleach is perfect to pulverize the bug’s hard shield and slaughter the eggs anticipating generation. Make sure to pat dry your skin after your shower as dampness can decline jock itch.

So, this was the post based on the difference between jock itch and scabies with some ways to treat them naturally. Is it worth reading for you? Or, after reading are you getting a query in your mind or something you need to share? Then, feel free to comment below!

Alinn Smith
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