Developing Sovereign Integrity


The very word integrity denotes that each sovereign individual is vital and necessary to the existence and wellbeing of the whole. Integration of each sovereign within communities of sovereigns, within nations of sovereigns, each integral to the convergence of individual ideals and not the consensus of manufactured dogma is the only foundation upon which we as sovereign persons can expect to rebuild the world that seems to continually crumble around us.

Integrity means trustworthiness and strength, knowing that all decisions are based on conscience, forethought, careful discernment and the wisdom of the soul. Integrity is the stalwart heart of “God” conscious love and the integrity of the individual is the well-honed demonstration of sovereignty itself.

Examining all of our institutions, our preconceptions, our social, religious and political beliefs as well as our personal roles in the actions that are detrimental to our lives as sovereign persons is a critical step in the reclamation of our rights and freedoms. Though the web-like entanglements of the culture of control support the systems of corruption as well as the apparent solutions to the problems of our world, it is for us to untangle the incestuous liaisons between the power brokers and the resources, between the shareholders and the life givers of the planet. We can and must reclaim responsibility for all sovereign interaction with honesty and integrity. We must separate the inner voice of our own wisdom from the chaff of manufactured compliance rhetoric.

There are heartfelt and logical reasons why we have complied with the stated intentions of seemingly well-meaning agendas. We have willingly given of our time and efforts to heal our polluted Earth and undo the scars of both ignorance and malice. We have willingly encouraged the education of all children to support their opportunity for full participation in all of the wisdom that life has to offer. We have willingly funded the sciences as they look past the stars and deep within our cells to understand our world and we have willingly supported the efforts of all sovereign persons to be free. We are in our deepest core, loving and conscientious souls. We have been developing more of the prerequisites for sovereign integrity.

We are also trusting of authority and specializations beyond our individual training. The more we learn, the more we realize how much there is beyond our knowledge. Rightly or wrongly, we have trusted the integrity of churches to define an omnipotent God, doubting the integrity of our own sovereign connection to “God” consciousness, fearing instead an intercessory evil. We accepted dogmatic religion instead as intercessory seeking both true wisdom and accepting “laws” for prescribed behavior. We’ve accepted the idea of “grace” to compensate for a chasm of separation between our own souls and “God” consciousness. We’ve accepted “forgiveness”, as in the Christian sense for offenses to include the “original sin” and our birth in material form, transferring personal responsibility for our ignorance and duplicity onto the cross of a beloved sacrificial surrogate. We are instilled with deep seated guilt, veiled in further separation from Source. The result is not only that our unquestioning dependence on authority is inseparable from guilt, fears of condemnation and further separation. We live in emotional and spiritual debt, in servitude to the dogma of separation. We live under the false premise that the intercession of a religious, social, or political dogma is an acceptable and sovereign substitute for personal sovereign integrity and responsibility.

We trust the integrity of our scientists and doctors to define our physical reality but we have done so largely as self-assurance of our intellectual sophistication and as counterbalance to the spiritually centered teachings of our faiths. Where the two are integral parts of the whole, the counterpoint of purposes has created contradictory dogmas. We shirk the responsibility of our own integrity in accepting the arrogance of such divisive agendas. We trust technology to aid in solving the problems created by the misunderstanding and materialist view of the natural world in its supplanting of the integrity of nature herself. Such is the contradiction spawned by ignorance of sovereignty’s inclusive foundation.

We trust our bureaucrats and legislators, even if we do so warily, to understand the workings of government. We delegate the authority to others to do in their integrity what we feel we cannot do. Citizen legislators, envisioned by the founders, were supplanted by career politicians long, long ago. As individuals and families, we are also overwhelmed by the sheer amount of conscious and subconscious data compilation that constantly demands our physical and intellectual energy. The result is our willingness to accept the compartmentalization of our authority over our knowledge and the subsequent narrowing of our perspectives. We trust in the convergence and integration of the key or integral components within the structure of society to stand in trust for the integrity of the individual. Using the word “integrity” in each of these forms underscores the energetic synergy of sovereignty on the scale of human perspective.

The trust that was intended by the Constitutional guarantees of personal sovereignty and the freedoms and rights inherent within is still reflected in our desire to accept the decisions of our governmental bureaucracy as in our own best interest and that of the larger community. The importance which our founders placed upon a free press to sound the alarm when injustice and corruption challenged our freedoms gave credibility to the institution of journalism and to our faith in its basic tenets.

The imposed principles of so-called “freedom” on which our government initiates or participates in the occupation or annihilation of other nations is incongruous with our consciences, as is the resultant corporate imperialism being demonstrated in our names. Our hearts and our compliance are held in check by the blood and tears of our own soldiers as they are forced to betray the intent of their service to their country.

We’ve taken too much at face value and sacrificed personal discernment for the necessary respite from the demands and contradictions of daily life. Our battered consciences are placated by justifications that declare wars for peace, increased debt for prosperity and the healing of our polluted planet with chemicals of mass production. Our national integrity has been reduced to the defense of our roles as universal soldiers. Our personal integrity has been reduced to the number of lies we tell our children to accept as subjective truth. Such relative truths are self-deceptions from the point of view of the compliant in order to pacify their masters.

We have offered up our sovereign integrity on the altar of compliance. We’ve busied ourselves supporting pirated causes because we’ve no stomach to unmask the villains and no heart left to think we’ve betrayed our environment or our own sovereign and integral souls. We’ve reluctantly instructed our heirs to comply with the economic and educational status quo, preparing them for service in uniform or for juggling multiple part-time jobs while the powerbrokers of Washington and Wall Street contract their efforts into a lifetime of debt. We’ve found solace on the video screen and computer monitor where we can forget that our reality based physical lives bear little resemblance to anything past sophisticated and self-effacing slavery.

Where is the integrity of conscience in the submission of our sovereignty? Where is our personal commitment to the sovereignty of all souls? And where will solutions come from that guarantee the freedom and integrity of all persons if it doesn’t begin with an honest evaluation of our relationship with and compliance to the system of corruption that belies the intent of sovereignty at its core?

Who will create viable solutions to hunger if corporations claim patents on all genetic life and farmers are forced to use chemicals that pollute water with noxious runoffs? How will we heal the nuclear radiation and toxic pollution if we allow governments to continually raise allowable exposure levels and allow corporations to continue polluting? How will our planet breathe when all of the trees and crops are threatened by aluminum, barium and strontium in the name of climate protection?

When will we stop the self-sabotage of our compliance with interest bearing debt and the purposeful elimination of our integral self-sufficiency and spiritual, intellectual and financial independence? Lastly, when will we remember that the elimination of the technology of sovereign self-protection and sovereign protection of a nation has always led to the imposition of genocidal tyranny?

The contradictions of our politicized altruism are the result of manufactured compliance with pirated, if originally worthy causes, the dogmatic submission of our spiritual and political authority and the irresponsible trust in governments whose outward systems are malignantly corrupt. The drug lords, mobsters and criminals of every ilk are minor, if intercessory players on the stage of such global corruption and power. The larger purpose of corruption on the global stage is to subvert the power and integrity of our own intention.

It is solely up to us to withdraw our support of all that has become corrupted while we disassemble the mechanisms of our compliance. We will need to take counsel with our families to make the lifestyle changes that support our genuine health and that of our planet, our well-being and sovereign integrity. We will learn from the well-meaning mistakes of the past and move forward as we must.

Marie Oliver