Detoxification From Deadly Chemtrails


While mainstream media is still portraying chemtrails as a conspiracy theory, more and more evidence comes out about geoengineering program and its toxicity.

The geoengineering program is open, but details are classified. What we know for sure from independent research is that heavy metals are being sprayed globally, via adding these substances to jet fuel. Many activist groups are actively publishing research and information about it, and army whistleblowers are also trying to expose this issue. There is no doubt these programs are going on, but what can an individual do about it?

We can remove toxins and heavy metals from our body by detoxification, and some of these detox methods can be done daily with almost no extra effort.

Practise deep breathing and drink more water

Detoxifying benefits of deep breathing are well-known, and you can do it almost anytime – just make you sure you do it properly. Drinking more water is a no brainer, besides, most people are more or less dehydrated anyway,

Use powerful detoxifying foods

There are many natural foods that have many health benefits, and, among those, is detoxification from heavy metals: