Destroy the Flu With These 3 Herbs!


National influenza trackers have noticed the flu virus begins circulating before it typically has in the years before. What this means is plenty of people suffering with high temperatures, achy bodies, and plenty of sore throats and sneezing taking place earlier and earlier in the year. Fortunately, you’re able to avoid all of this by building-up the strength of your immune system by using inexpensive herbs. If you do get caught with a bug, the below 3 herbs will help you destroy the flu in no time at all. These herbs have been employed as natural influenza treatments for generations, and may supply both protection against the influenza virus and an alleviation of the symptoms.

These herbs have been found, by scientific research, to be especially successful at fighting off the flu. They may be brewed as delicious organic teas or used as supplements.

1) Garlic
This herb fosters the welfare of your defense mechanisms, and numerous studies have discovered that when given routine doses of garlic supplements, you are better able to defend against viruses such as the influenza and different breeds of rhinovirus. In the event that you decide to take garlic raw, and if the flavor is very overpowering, simply dice a clove of garlic in with a little bit of honey.

2) Echinacea
Results of archaeological digs suggest that Native Americans could have used echinacea for over 400 years to take care of illnesses, snake bites, and lesions, and so much more.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that this herbaceous plant can keep immune systems powerful and healthy, shielding it entirely from common pathogens such as the flu virus. Studies also imply that echinacea may be beneficial in not just obliterating viruses like the flu, but that it can also help to impede the growth of tumors.

3) Elderberry
Another botanic that helps you to deal with the influenza is elderberry. The infusion of elderberries has a history of being examined repeatedly (albeit mostly in animals), and has been identified to shorten the whole period of one’s symptoms. Also, the infusion has been discovered to be successful at fighting off as many as 10 types of the influenza virus. One of the ways it does all of this is through viburnic acid, which is a compound that it contains that helps to detoxify the body.

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Eric Smith