Defeat Cancer Now


Many of you have been following for quite some time since when I had Cancer and was healing it naturally. If you have read my book, you know that I detoxed too fast from the terminal cancer and caused extreme leaky gut symptoms and my hormones also went out of whack causing extreme weight gain from juicing vegetables.

I have since fixed my leaky gut syndrome and am able to tolerate foods now and even assimilate probiotics. I am now working on healing my hormones naturally and getting them to work again. I have been experimenting this whole time on new detox methods and diets and will have lots more information to bring to you in my next book.

I can tell you that trying to get my hormones back into working order is quite difficult. I am still overweight, I eat perfect, and workout but still don’t lose a pound. I know my diet is on the right track because I am no longer cold and my temperature has risen, but it is taking a very long time to reverse all of the damage that was done from the cancer.

I recently had a bout with parasites, since I saw the worms on my cat a few months back and worked to get them de-wormed but am now back on parasite and candida cleanses again myself. I also have seen extreme amounts of candida coming from my digestive tract and colon, especially when fasting. I have also seen some parasites that looked similar to the ones on my cat.

I have worked with naturopathic doctors in the past who were rude, condescending, unprofessional, and didn’t help in the least. I have found that it is easier to do the research myself, experiment and heal myself. I know that I will be healed in time if I just keep trusting God, but more than 4 years of being sick is trying on a person’s soul. Don’t get me wrong, I am 90% better than I was last year at this time, but it has been a long and horrible journey so far.

I think one of the most difficult things for me is the number of hate mails I get, even from those who claim to be in the alternative health field. It is hard enough for someone to go through cancer and other diseases, but it is even harder when so many people are hate filled and judgmental. I have received more hate filled judgment from those who claim to be Christian and in the alternative health realm that I am floored. It is hurtful really but sometimes hard to move on from the haters.

Tamara St. John