Decisions About Your Cancer Diagnoses / Standing Up To The Pressure


So you have been diagnosed with cancer, the dreaded C-Word and you never saw it coming, maybe uncle Joe but not you. You are young, You are doing everything right how can this be? All of the sudden FEAR takes over and your mind is fogged with confusion. Everyone around you is telling you… “You are going to be OK” but you must start treatment right away, no time to waste. You look into your doctor’s eyes and desperately seek HOPE, yes you want to believe everything is going to turn out well. Yet he can’t really tell you that but he can only share his knowledge about your cancer, stats and his experience. All of the sudden your world dramatically changes and you just really really HOPE it is just a nightmare from where you will wake up soon.

So you go home and it takes a few days for this new reality to kick in and everyone around you continues to tell you everything is going to be fine but you must submit to the recommended treatment options right away. It is CANCER and it can kill you. But you know better, you know what has happened to your cousin and your friend with cancer after their surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Your inner voice tells you NO.. You can not do this but yet EVERYONE around is telling otherwise. What do you do? Who do you listen to?

I can tell you I understand. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 1/2 years ago and I was terrified. I had been told what my options were and more less what to expect but yet no one could guarantee that cancer would not come back after treatment or explain why I had it to begin with. However, everyone around pressured me to make quick decisions about surgery dates and so on. I remember even the surgeon called a couple of times to make sure to get me in the calendar. Family members, of course, were really concerned as to why I wasn’t making a decision already. I knew my family and friends’ concerns came from a good place but I just couldn’t follow through with those options that were offered to me.

After much prayer and meditation, I chose to follow an alternative approach to healing and I embarked on a journey where Cancer had given me an opportunity to live again. I can not say I am completely cancer free just yet but I am definitely in a better place compared to how I was. I started a blog to share my story (look into my profile for link) my desire is that it will bring HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT to many people like you and me.

Please know that cancer did not grow over night and it is ok to take a bit of time to make decisions you are comfortable in following for your healing. I really encourage you to pray meditate and follow what you believe is Best for you despite what others say. Listen to your body, listen to your inner voice, healing begins within you.


Karen Berrios




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Karen Berrios
Certified Natural Health Professional / Health & Wellness Advocate at Kareliz Wellness, LLC
As I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in the summer of 2014, I stepped
into a journey of discovery. A journey of total healing shaped primarily by the power of natural medicine. It was then that my desire to find an alternative to Western medicine’s traditional approach to cancer treatment led me to explore what was, for me at the time, new ideas and new knowledge.

My journey began with much self-educating, looking for natural ways to
heal my body. This immersion into the world of natural medicine then led me to search for additional education. I wanted to provide myself with more tools and resources to support my healing process. So I went back to school for much more formal training on ways to use nature’s potent healing properties to apply natural health to support my own healing journey. I’ve discovered and learned the profound and therapeutic effects of natural medicine and how it can be used to prevent, treat and repair many health conditions. As I became a Certified Natural Health Professional, I learned much on how we can easily use God’s given nature to bring healing to ourselves and others.

I now live with a vision. It is my mission and calling to share my journey,
and all I have learned along the way, with others. My blog, Facebook page,
e-books and more are all part of this effort. To learn more about me and my journey please visit my website at

Thank you for reading.. Blessings!