Decentralization And The Coming Paradigm Shift


We are entering a time in history in which technology is moving power from the hands of the few (centralization), to the hands of the many (decentralization).

Rather than “fight” or “battle” the parts of our society that we do not like or do not want to support, the way forward is to foster the aspects of our society that provide the solutions.  In my experience, the solution to every problem already exists.

Welcoming The Decentralization Movement

The movement toward decentralization will allow all of us the opportunity to work less, play more, live healthier, and start to rehabilitate the Earth all at the same time.

The coming beneficial phase for human evolution is rooted in decentralization – especially in the areas of food, energy, information, money, and manufacturing – the primary industries that govern how we interrelate as a species.

Currently, large organizations control these primary industries, which takes power away from the masses and gives it to the relatively small group of people who own and manage those large organizations.

Below is a summary of the technologies that are already here, which we can use to create this much needed paradigm shift on planet Earth.  If you want to do your part, start opting in to decentralized technologies that bypass the corporate dominance of the status quo.

Decentralized Food Production demonstrates simple, decentralized models to produce our own food. Many people who look at this solution may see a very limited type of food that can be grown (mainly lots of veggies, greens, herbs, etc.) but my belief is that these are precisely the most valuable and physically beneficial foods we all need to fully actualize ourselves.

Decentralized Manufacturing

3D Printing represents the decentralization of manufacturing. 3D printing puts the power to build objects into the hands of the individual. The best part is, much of the inputs for 3D printing are free or very inexpensive, for example, waste like plastic bottles can be used as inputs for the creation of new and useful objects.

Decentralized Energy

Solar power has made incredible strides in the production of basic energy. Today, a basic home can be run using a solar powered system that costs less than $1000. This means that for a small investment, we can live off-grid and not have to pay electricity expenses every month.  We are nearing the moment in time in which solar power is just as cost effective as traditional forms of energy production such as natural gas.  See this chart for a graphic of how much the cost of solar power has plummeted in the last 30 years.

Decentralized Value Exchange

Money is really only needed for one reason: to facilitate the exchange of value among market participants who might not be able to trade otherwise.  Bitcoin represents decentralized, open source value exchange. Although it is not necessarily an ideal form of value storage, as most people often misunderstand, it is very good for value exchange. Forget about the “price” of Bitcoin, which makes it seem like a mechanism for value storage, and instead and consider it a technologically advanced mechanism (on ramp, off ramp) for value exchange.

Using Bitcoin and related technologies, it is now possible for anyone with an Internet connection to send and receive value without using the traditional banking system and for almost no cost.  Here is a chart showing total number of Bitcoin transactions going from zero to 60 Million in only five years.

Perhaps even more powerful, Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology enables anyone to create their own digital tokens, which can be used to represent whatever type of value they want, the value of which can be completely independent of the “price” of Bitcoin at any given time.

Decentralized Publishing and Education

WordPress puts the power of creating and publishing information into the hands of everyone. WordPress is open source so it does not “belong” to any single company, it can be used by anyone, at almost no cost. This also means that education is moving toward decentralization, we simply don’t need expensive universities to spread information and teachings across the planet anymore.

Why Decentralization Is The Most Important Movement Of The 21st Century

Once we are able to put the power of food production, energy production, information publishing and education, basic manufacturing, and value exchange into the hands of the individual and into the hands of communities around the world, we can disconnect ourselves from the inefficiencies and unfairness of the status quo industrial complex.

My belief is that once enough people begin to operate in communities that are self-sufficient and independently managed, we will no longer support the parts of our industrial complex that serves to damage us by creating war, competition, and environmental damage.

Instead of working to pay off debts, we will be able to focus on enjoying our lives since our basic needs for food and energy are already being met in a very affordable and sustainable manner. Once entire communities begin to adopt decentralized solutions for all of the basic needs for life, we will see real harmony on the planet.

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Michael Manville