Dealing with A Sunburn from The Comfort of Your Home


The only thing that actually makes summer less appealing is usually the prospect of getting a sunburn. This range is extremity from the mild sunburn to the most painful sunburn that actually leaves you with first-degree burns. Sunburns are generally caused by the exposure of the naked skin directly to the UV rays of the sun over a long period. Though the skin is generally adapted to absorb UV, long exposure inevitably damages the cells causing a sunburn. It is always good to seek shade or a cool environment the moment you notice the effects. Whatever your level of burn, here are some good ways to how to get rid of sunburn that should help you successfully through this ordeal. For more remedies to help you through this predicament, visit this site

How to Get Rid of Sunburn with Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Sunburn with an Oatmeal Bath


  • A few cups of rolled oats
  • Tube socks
  • Cold water in a bath


  • Put the oatmeal in the tube soak till almost filled then tie up the open end.
  • Fill you tab with some cold water. The cooler the better.
  • Dip the soaks in the tub and let them sit for about thirty minutes
  • Wring the tube socks dry, allowing the solution that is coming out to flow into the bathtub.
  • Repeat the procedure one last time.
  • Soak in the bathtub with the sock still inside for about an hour.
  • During the soaking time, you can continue to wring the sock tubes into the bathtub at least once every five minutes.
  • It is also good to apply the contents of one sock, when wet, on your face and let it stay for half the duration of the soak.
  • Once the time is up or you feel enough relief, leave the tab and allow the body to air dry in the shade.

This procedure produces a sticky feeling of the skin. Do not be worried as that is a sign that things are working as they should be. Since the skin is already sensitive due to heat exposure, it is best not to soak for too long as this may lead to drying up and cracking of the skin. This means of how to get rid of sunburn is made effective due to the complexity of the sugars that make up the oatmeal. These are helpful in absorbing the stored heat that causes discomfort and they also coat the skin reducing the pain and sensitivity to touch. The water also helps to absorb some of the heat after the oatmeal has conducted it from the skin.

 How to Get Rid of Sunburn with Apricots

Sunburns are usually accompanied by a lot of discomforts. This results from the fact that the skin is made hypersensitive to touch after the nerve endings become lightly damaged by the sun. apricots help a lot with the reduction of this discomfort. They have tannic acid as a major constituent of their molecular structure. These proves useful in reducing skin irritations, inflammations and overall redness that accompanies a sunburn. They essentially coat the skin providing instant relief. This is not only a method of how to get rid of sunburn but proves useful when it comes to restoring the damage done to the skin by the sun.

To get the best results, mash up some apricots into a paste. The number depends on the amount of skin that has suffered the effects of the sunburn. Apply the paste on the affected areas and let it stay for twenty minutes. Wash it off with cold water and allow the skin to air dry. This should provide instant relief. Repeat it daily till the condition is eradicated. You can also use strawberries instead of apricots.

How to Get Rid of Sunburn with Cucumber Paste

When in pursuit of instant relief from sunburn, or if the condition is too severe then this is the one means of how to get rid of sunburn that you should try out first. It is good for two things, healing the skin and providing relief for the sunburn. It also has mild antioxidant capabilities and can reduce both the itchiness and inflammations.

This remedy of how to get rid of sunburn can be fully utilized in two ways. The first is to cut up the cucumber into wedges then arrange them on the burnt areas of the skin. This will work towards providing instant relief from the pain. Once one side of the cucumber stops feeling cool, flip it over and utilize the other side. The next remedy procedure is to slice up the cucumbers then blend them to extract a paste. This paste should then be applied to the skin where the sunburn has taken effect. Time for the application does not matter since the cucumbers are not harmful to the skin with time. Once the cooling effect has subsided, wash off the skin with some cold water then allow the skin to air dry in a cool place

For both remedies to work effectively, ensure that you have used cucumbers that have been chilled out in the fridge before. You can also prepare the cucumber paste and leave it chilling on the fringe before going to spend some time in the sun. this will ensure that you have something to help you immediately if you suffer sunburn. The one thing that most people forget to do when going outside in the sun is to apply enough suntan lotion. You should also always have some cold water waiting in the fridge just in case you need t for hydration or as a sunburn remedy.