Deal With And Defeat Depression By Starting With These Basics


When it comes to dealing with depression naturally, it is important, if not necessary, to have a good foundation.

In an earlier article, I wrote about the many possible causes of depression. Whatever the factors behind your condition, and no matter which depression treatments you are using, it helps to implement the absolute basics.

These fundamental lifestyle habits are steps which will aid your healing from depression.

Consume A Healthy Diet

Your brain functions using the nutrients and compounds which come from the food you consume. So it is no wonder that your diet has a direct effect on your mental health. A healthy diet must form a part of any holistic depression prevention or treatment plan.

Sleep Well

Ensure that you are having a good night’s sleep. If you have difficulties going to sleep, try some natural insomnia remedies.

Exercise Regularly

Are you exercising regularly? Exercise helps to balance the neurotransmitters in your brain; it also triggers the release of feel-good hormones while simultaneously helping your body to get rid of stress hormones.

Physically, exercise boosts blood and lymphatic circulation, releases muscle tension, enhances bodily detoxification, improves your strength and fitness, and helps you to lose weight. All these benefits raise your levels of self esteem and confidence. Exercise promotes better sleep, too, on top of serving as a healthy outlet to help you get rid of pent-up emotions.

All in all, exercise helps you to FEEL GOOD in many ways, and feeling good is the opposite of being depressed. Like diet and sleep, exercise should form an important part of any plan to beat depression.

Get Natural Light

Lack of exposure to natural light from the sun can be a cause of depression. That’s why many people get seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or winter depression, during the cold dreary months of winter. So, do what you can to get some natural light every day.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress has become a chronic problem in our fast-paced modern world. And too much stress can lead to depression. If this is an issue, you should consider using some stress management strategies and remedies to help you cope.

Avoid or Minimize Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption contributes to numerous physical health conditions, including hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and gastric ulcers; affects your sleep and appetite; and also has a negative effect on your brain, contributing to feelings of anger, frustration, aggression, anxiety, sadness, paranoia, and even suicide.

If you are trying to overcome depression, it would be a good idea to avoid alcohol, or at least drink it minimally; you’re not likely to be able to drink your way out of depression.

More ideas for dealing with and beating depression will be covered in upcoming articles.

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