De-Chlorinate Your Shower for Soft, Luscious Hair


Hair care is one of the most time-consuming aspects of personal maintenance, especially for women, and our hair still often doesn’t come out every day the way we always want it.  But the reason for this might not a lack of this or that product, or not enough time spent combing it through.  For the majority of people, the reason is the same—chlorine.

Ever notice how your hair becomes unmanageable after a swim in a chlorinated pool?  While tap water in your shower doesn’t have as much chlorine as a typical pool, it certainly has a high enough amount to affect the quality of your skin and hair, since chlorine is routinely added to tap water in nearly every municipal water source to kill bacteria.

Over the course of your life, you may not have had much experience showering in purer, unchlorinated water, so it can be hard to get a point of reference, but a shower with a good chlorine filter can do wonders to soften hair and make it more manageable.  And best of all, it can do so every day, without any extra effort on your part, saving you time and giving you soft, luscious hair to work with each morning or night.

Shower filters range in their quality, and price, and the two often go together.  You can find ones on the lower end for around $40, to the pricier ones in the low $100s.  Because these have to filter out tap water contaminants at an extremely fast rate, no screw-on shower filter will work so effectively as to provide you with water you should drink on a regular basis, but they can often remove from 90% to even 99% of the chlorine.

The best filters aren’t screw-on, but are based on a whole house filtration system that purifies all incoming water into drinking water, but for most purposes, a good screw-on shower filter is sufficient enough to keep you from absorbing the majority of the contaminants (you absorb as many contaminants in one hot twenty minute shower through your skin and lungs as you do from drinking five cups of tap water straight), and to free your hair once and for all from chlorinated water.  Armed with a good shower filter, you might never have a bad hair day again.












Jonathan Cho