Cycling helps you lose weight the fun way


Hobbies are responsible for making one’s life interesting and less laborious. People indulge in hobbies and eventually witness the prevailing trends related to it. But like anything in life, trends captivate both the acceptance and rejection since people don’t take things as it is until they fully fall for it.

Cycling is one the most effective way of shedding pounds off your body. Riding a bike is a very low-impact form of exercise carrying so many healthy benefits with it. These includes:

  1. Your cardiovascular system gets improved saving you from some the fatal heart problems.
  2. Cycling helps you in developing your muscle strong and flexible.
  3. Your joints become a touch more mobile.
  4. Stress levels are considerably reduced.
  5. The overall posture and coordination is improved.
  6. It gives immaculate strength to your bones.
  7. Burns down your body fat giving your body a streamline shape.
  8. Prevention and management of chronic diseases could be achieved.

It’s Fun and Fit in

The title itself says that it is the fun way of doing it and not the easy way like many other workout modalities. Reducing some pounds off your body is not easy but one can make it fun and the most fun way of doing it is riding a bicycle. It’s so easy to fit in your routine that you can ride it the shop or to work without much of a fuss. An estimated one billion people all round the world ride bicycles every day for different purposes such as transportation, recreation, and sports. You can add a daily ride of about half an hour for a start and then leap up the levels and get in the routine. It’s absolutely good for your health and increased metabolism so that you burn calories even after you’ve gotten off the bike. Increased stamina and endurance for the rest of the daily tasks would be of tremendous help.

Improved appearance

There is simply not enough time in the day to give to yourself and if own a beach cruiser, you don’t need to worry. As long as you ride your bicycle every single day ailments would have to seek another door. You have a shield. Of course, not just your immune system will improve but your overall posture and appearance will see a dramatic change.  Everyone wants to fit into their jeans stacked up behind your closet for many years. You will eventually and most importantly once becoming fitter and flatter will lend you so many cool comments from your colleagues and mates doing a world of god to your ego enabling you to achieve other unaccomplished goals in a confident manner.


Find your perfect bike

You cannot take this decision on your own since this is a kind of resource that would stay with you for years, so conduct a bit more research and opt for the best one that fits in with your objective. Look out for the one that is both convenient and result oriented. People generally don’t look back once they buy it and eventually don’t achieve the desired results. There are so many kinds available in the market and choosing the right one has become a difficult nut to crack. Some of you enjoy a heavy 20-mile ride whereas others are happy cruising down to the grocery store. So, your needs are different then why not your bikes?

Stop in and take a look at different models and types if you have entered the market to purchase a bike. Try and get a feel to what you actually want in a bike. Here are some of the different types of bikes that would give you an idea of which one to choose:

Road Bikes

Road bikes are skinnier in design and lack of treads serving cyclists on long paved roads and that too very fast. Their dropped handlebars enable an aerodynamic position of the rider allowing multiple hand positions you can hold onto. They are the lightest ones among all the other types.

Mountain Bikes

They are designed for rough roads and as the name suggests used as a means of transport in mountainous areas. They also come with different types of shock absorbers and suspension to minimize the effect of hard terrain and single track trails.

Beach Cruisers

These are the most fun type and used for beach riding and other errands designed specifically for casual riding. The comfy seat on a beach cruises is the most attractive part but they aren’t good for long journeys because of the position you’re in. Bicycle manufacturers are working on some of the best beach cruiser bikes for comfort riding so that it doesn’t take a toll on your body.


Beginners should avoid this one as it lacks brake. Yes, it doesn’t have a brake on the rear hub. The name comes from its build up of one fixed gear. You won’t be able to coast along nicely with this bike as the pedal continue to move and the only way to slow it down is by using the force of your body.  So, do not jump on it right away, practice on the above ones then custom your road bike to a fixie!


One of the most popular type of bike is the BMX. It is widely accepted by kids and adults too because of its small size and uncomplicated makeup. These bikes are easier to ride and don’t levy huge pressure on your body after an hour long ride.

Commuter Bikes

They are also called urban bikes or city bikes as their use is mostly in urban areas where people travel some distances to work on regular basis using these bikes.  Make sure you choose the right commuter bike as your decision would largely depend on the number of miles you commute to work.

Recreational Bikes

These bikes are designed for frequent riding but not for long journeys. Due to their versatility, they also fall in the hybrid category. Those who want to make a commitment to riding, recreational bikes are the best pick.

Give this marvelous thing a try and find out the best way you can make cycling fun and effective. One or two rides here and there would result in mindful of reasons of never giving up on biking!

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