Creating Optimal Health


The commitment to create optimal health in life requires focus. One way to do this is to make it a clear objective that’s written down on paper or typed into one of your mobile devices. You then make a habit of looking at this objective twice on a daily basis.

You might want to look for wonderful images which remind you of your objective. These images can be placed around your house or apartment. Or, you might place them on your mobile device.

After you’ve established your objective of optimal health by keeping it constantly in your mind, you might also consider imagining yourself as a person who has already achieved this objective. Again, you can do this on a constant basis as well.

The next step would be to create a written plan you can see, either on paper or on your mobile device as well. On that plan, you’ll have a list of possible actions listed in sequence which you can take to start to fulfill your objective. You don’t have to have a clear idea of how to move towards your objective. You might be able to just think of several small steps which will take you closer to your objective. That’s okay. The important thing is to write them down somewhere and to focus on this plan continually. You’ll automatically start coming up with new ideas through continued focus, both on your objective and the plan to get there.

You can also attach inspiring and wonderful images related to that plan. This will help you maintain focus on your objective and also the steps you’ll be taking to get there. It’s also important to be ready to adjust your plan as your life changes and as you receive new information.

After creating your plan for achieving optimal health, the next step is to implement that plan through action. Take as many steps as you can through action. As you continue taking action, you’ll also want to monitor how close you are getting to your objective.

Dealing With Internal Obstacles

In many cases, the biggest obstacles towards being healthy lie within. These can come in the form of internal attachment or resistance. Attachments are desires which arise in the individual. In terms of achieving objectives, they can act as a distraction, pulling a person away from the objective they are trying to fulfill. Resistance usually take the form of negative emotions and negative thoughts. In terms of achieving an objective, they can act to discourage a person from thinking, acting, or feeling a certain way.

A foundation of being self-aware and completely conscious of what is going on inside of yourself helps in dealing with attachment and resistance. If that foundation hasn’t been built through constant self-awareness and self-observation, the forces of attachment and resistance will dominate an individual. The individual then identifies with attachment and/or resistance, and acts from that level.

Some individuals will already be more conscious of the internal world and have little or no resistance and/or attachment arising inside of themselves at all. They are often living in a place of awareness where they operate from being aware of awareness.

Going back to the topic of fulfilling the objective for optimal health, it’s going to be helpful if you are completely clear about internal obstacles coming up inside of you. When you know with exact clarity what negative thoughts and emotions come up to discourage you from pursuing optimal health, you can more control. If you know with exact clarity, what attachments or desires are moving you away from optimal health, you also gain more control.

In the beginning, it’s going to help if you write down the exact attachments you experience in your day-to-day experience. It’s also going to help if you write down your negative thoughts and emotions in the beginning as well. This will generate more consciousness and awareness of what’s happening inside of yourself. If you can’t write it down in the moment as your experiencing them, you can always wait until later. Or, you can wait until the end of the day. What you’re really trying to do here is gain complete clarity over what is happening inside of yourself. The more clear you are about this, the more conscious you’ll be. When you’re awake and conscious to what is happening inside, your consciousness is more likely to expand.

Because you are bringing much more focus into the arena of health, you’re actually in the process of becoming more health conscious. Being more health-conscious can entails being more aware of:

– your actions and whether they are consistent with your objective for optimal health

– your emotions and whether they moving you closer or away from optimal health

– your thoughts and whether they are helping you to become healthier

– your beliefs and whether they move you closer to becoming healthier

If you find that there are thoughts, emotions, and/or behaviors moving you away from health, complete awareness of what’s going on is the critical step. Only then will you start to have the chance to move beyond them. You might also want to use EFT to tap away any negative thought, attachment, or negative emotion you feel. You can use EFT to also tap away the attachments and resistant impulses you’ve recorded or written down.