Over the counter exercises for flat abs


Many people are penchant for flat abs and possibly it’s not at all a big deal if you know right exercises. Most people think that abs exercises are related with abs but it’s a suspense or it might be shocking for you that most of these exercises are not actually abs related. This really doesn’t mean they are difficult to perform or need a lot of time to bring quality results for you. When it comes to flat abs, there are few things you need to keep in mind. First is your patience and second is performing the exercises in the way they need to be performed. There is not always a need to take help of a trainer as you can easily keep up the pace with your own efforts with the best exercises for flat abs. Some of them for having final outcomes in the way you want are listed below.


When one plans to have flat abs, it always makes good sense to begin with the most basic exercise for the same and this is none other than jogging. Giving just half an hour to this exercise regularly brings quality results for you. You need to consider slow jogging when all what you need is flat abs. Jogging might not be an ideal option if you have bad knees so beware of it.

The popular bicycle exercises

Don’t think you actually need to buy a bicycle for you. This simple exercise is easily performed by lying body down on the floor and placing hands behind head. Next is simply lifting the shoulder by making sure that neck is not getting pulled. Legs must be at an angle of 45 degrees during this exercise. When you lift the shoulder, make sure your head touches the joints and this process must be continued for 10 minutes or the time you find there is no more stamina in your body. Perform at least 2 laps daily.


Swimming is really a dam good option for all those who need to have flat abs. The best thing is swimming brings results quite quickly and it also removes fat from other parts of the body as well. At least 5 laps of swimming for 15 days burns fat from the tummy very quickly and possibly it will contribute in making your flat abs. Swimming must be performed slowly when your aim is flat abs and always make sure that you don’t skip a day as it can delay your results.


Yoga is one among the extremely powerful techniques or exercises when it comes to flat abs. Simply breathing in early morning by keeping your eyes closed add a ton to your stamina, relieves stress, boost your memory and concentration and possibly it will cut down the size of your waist. There are many people across the globe who are well familiar with yoga and you don’t even need to educate more on the concerned exercise.

Brisk walking

It is a type of cardio exercise that anyone can perform anytime and without worrying about anything. It’s always good to have it when your prime focus is flat abs.

Jumping on trampoline

It is one of the favorite exercises of many people who look for flat abs. A trampoline doesn’t cost mush and you can easily have quality results with the help of same. You just need to jump on it for 10 minutes and you can do it anytime of the day you want.

Above listed are the top 6 exercises for flat abs that anyone can perform. The good thing is there is no need to invest in any exercising machines or equipments and you will get results within 30 days if you perform them regularly. Download some good Android health apps to know some more exercises.

Sheikh Zeeshan
Zeeshan is a health journalist who writes for various health care & fitness blogs. He recently covered World Glucoma Week 2017 and worked to generate awareness about Glucoma.