More than a Cooking Ingredient, Baking Soda can also Benefit your Health a lot


Baking soda or also called sodium bicarbonate is a common cooking ingredient in many kitchen corners. Commonly, baking soda is a white substance which has salty taste and odorless smell. Not only can baking soda appear in people’s daily diet, it may also serve as a natural medicine which can bring about certain beneficial health effects. This article is a collection of top 10 outstanding health benefits of baking soda which have been proved by scientific evidence.

1. Antacid

People may not know but antacid property is the main factor which is responsible for various health benefits of baking soda. In fact, antacid qualities can make a great contribution to the treatment of indigestion, heartburn or acidity. More than this, antacid can have positive influence on the condition of ulcer disease. Therefore, it is easy to understand that baking soda intake may help with regulating acidity levels in blood or even urine.

2. Kidney Diseases

One of the most important mechanisms behind benefits of baking soda is its ability to improve kidney health. Loading with bicarbonate – an essential element which can release alkaline effect to regulate pH levels, baking soda will support kidney functions really well. In addition, baking soda can do good at addressing diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, etc.

3.  Anti-ich Properties

The massive benefits of baking soda is also attributed to a great source of anti-ich qualities. In fact, sodium bicarbonate in the main factor which can produce anti-ich effect of baking soda. That’s why this ingredient is really beneficial for the treatment of many skin-related condition.

4. Cold and Flu

It is highly certain that people may suffer from cold or flu at least once in their lifetime. Undeniably, both cold and flu go tegether with so many discomforts that people feel absolutely tired. A traditional method to treat these health ailments is the simple combination between baking soda, garlic, turmeric and ginger.

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5. Bladder Infection

When it comes to benefits of baking soda, many people refer to its good impact on the condition of bladder infection. By removing harmful bacteria – the main cause of bladder infection, baking soda will naturally keep pH level in check and prevent this problem from going worse.

6. Bad Breath

Bad breath or onion breath may drive us to feel completely shameful when communicating with others. Serving as a natural fresher, baking soda will help you say goodbye to bad breath quickly and effectively.

  • Have a spoon of salt mix with some baking soda
  • Put the mixture into water
  • Let your mouth gargle with this every morning

7. Sodium

Another factor which produces many benefits of baking soda is sodium. For long, sodium is well-known for its ability to regulate blood pressure. Also, this substance can be effective at supporting muscle health and enhancing nervous functions. Therfore, it is recommended that you increase baking soda consumption.

8. Hyperkalemia

For anyone who does not know, hyperkalemia indicates a higher potassium level in blood. This problem is commonly seen in ones who experience injury, burns or surgery. According to scientific research, baking soda intake can lead to a stable state of potassium level, making it an ideal solution to hyperkalemia.

9. Plaque Removal

For long, people have been using baking soda to remove plaque on teeth. To specify, baking soda is an abundant source of baking soda dentifrices, therefore, it may make teeth plaque disappear quickly and effectively.

10. Sprint Performance

Recently, scientists have proved that benefits of baking soda also include the ability to foster sprint performance.

In conclusion, baking soda is a great substance which can help with providing many health-supporting effects. Regarding the usage, people should keep it in fridge to avoid bad odor. Generally, we can use baking soda without fearing about going down with adverse effects. However, in some special cases, baking soda may lead to certain unwanted consequences. For example, excessive baking soda consumption may trigger diarrhea, vomitting or weaker muscles.


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