Consuming Too Much Dairy: The Changing Belief


Experts have long established that the body needs protein to work properly. Protein is essential for growth and repair purposes. The same goes for calcium, which aids in strengthening the bones.

These are the reasons why a person’s diet must contain foods rich in calcium and protein. Both of these are obtainable and easily supplemented by consuming dairy products.

However, a few issues are circulating the health industry regarding the risks of dairy consumption. Recently, the UK government has warned that consuming too much of it may lead to obesity and obesity-related diseases.

The Public Health England even modified their dietary guidelines. This dietary guideline, also referred to as Eatwell Guide, is based on the five food groups, which shows the amount you need to consume from each.

Consequently, the new dietary guidelines give emphasis on consuming fruits and vegetables (39%) as part of the main diet. The modification also included that one’s diet should be made up of 37% carbohydrates, 12% protein, including fish, meat, pulses, and beans. On the other hand, other food groups, like dairy, should only be consumed in smaller quantities.

Why is Consuming Too Much Dairy Bad?

Research and studies on the benefits of dairy products have continued over the years. However, through recent research people became more aware of the drawbacks of consuming too much dairy. These include:

  • Not Beneficial for the Bones – Bones need calcium to keep their density throughout the remodeling process. Experts say that by drinking milk, the body gets its needed supply of calcium, which supports that function. However, recent studies show that the intake of dairy products do not really bring benefits in improving bone integrity.
    Intake of dairy products or increased milk consumption does not do anything to prevent stress fracture occurrences in adolescents. Conversely, increased consumption of plant foods rich in calcium and reduced sodium intake along with exercise can make a difference in people at risk of osteoporosis.
  • Leads to Cardiovascular Disease – Dairy products, like milk, butter, ice cream, cheese and yogurt, contain high amounts of saturated fat. This form of fat causes heart disease and other severe health problems. To prevent and reverse such risk, a person needs to promote a low-fat, plant-based diet in their lifestyle along with exercise and stress management.
  • Increases Risk for Cancers – Studies show that dairy products play a role in increasing the risk of various types of cancer, especially breast and prostate cancers. Experts explain that this increased risk of reproductive cancers is due to the upsurge in insulin-like growth factor, a compound found in cow milk. Such risk even further increases with daily consumption of dairy products.

Reversing the Effects of Consuming Too Much Dairy

Aside from increasing the risk of obesity, increased dairy consumption also leads to developing severe health problems. To prevent the situation from worsening, the UK government declared the importance of halving their use of dairy products.

Consequently, consumption of dairy products in the US has long declined since the middle of the 1970s. Instead of drinking milk, the Americans settled in consuming plant-based alternatives, like coconut, almond, cashew, and almond milk. At this point, the UK government is leading its people to go for a plant-based diet.

This is a significant step because a plant-based diet, as stated in a study conducted by Dr. Caldwell Esselsytn and Dr. T Colin Campbell, can prevent degenerative diseases, like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

The significance of this diet is also not just limited to the health benefits it is associated with. By promoting a plant-based diet, people will also slowly reduce their dependence on animal agriculture.



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