Colonic Hydrotherapy 101: Don’t Be An Enemy of the Enema!


By Ted Uhler

When very young I developed a certain fear and loathing whenever my grandmother decided it was time to perform her infamous enema procedure. My brothers got the same “treatment,” so I didn’t feel completely alone.

Her intentions were good and it happened only a few times a year. Whatever the case, as very young kids, we really didn’t understand constipation or enemas. We weren’t eased into their use, and the whole experience had a rushed, uncomfortable and out-of-control feeling.

We became…enemies of enemas!

Before fast-forwarding to the new world of colonic hydrotherapy – light years ahead of old- fashioned enemas – there’s one more story. About eight years ago I went in for a colonoscopy.

Before coming into the clinic for the actual procedure, I was given a prescription to rustle up a self-administered, disposable enema kit, which included a squeezable bottle of saline solution used for clearing out the intestines. This was a first for me.

My medical mission, which I decided to accept, was to perform my own “do-it-yourself” enema at home, with no help from grandma! Though I carried it out like a good soldier, I didn’t care for the process one bit. Several years went by. Then along came a minor medical procedure that required me to perform the whole dang, self-administered “procedure” all over again.

This time, however, I researched colonic hydrotherapy and discovered, finally, that there was a much better way to go!

Colonic Hydrotherapy: The What

Colon hydrotherapy goes by other names such as colonics, colon therapy and colon irrigation. In the right hands and with the latest colon hydrotherapy equipment, it’s an extremely safe and effective solution for evacuating the bowel. Only purified water and hygienic, disposable nozzles are used. You should expect an inviting, comfortable and relaxing environment.

Colon therapy practitioners point out that stress, poor diet and dehydration are typically the main causes of constipation. Millions suffer from backed-up intestines, but too many people often turn to laxatives. These can irritate the bowel and result in a number of other negative side effects.

Other contributors to constipation include the lack of fiber/roughage, too much sugar and a diet high in red meats. A typical colon hydrotherapy session lasts between 30 of 45 minutes.

Colon Hydrotherapy: The Why

Colon hydrotherapists explain that fecal matter can accumulate and harden in the colon. It can hinder the absorption of water and nutrients, and it can give harmful bacteria a chance to grow.

The liver, the body’s purifier, pulls blood from the colon to help detoxify the body. But if the colon isn’t clean, its microscopic waste material can get absorbed into the bloodstream through the colon wall.

Therapists also mention that water is absorbed into the body through the colon, which helps increase the volume of our blood and its circulation to our surrounding tissue and organs.

Colon hydrotherapy is often used before many endoscopic and radiological exams, in pre- and post-surgical procedures, and in other medical procedures involving barium X-rays, stool samples and geriatric care.

Colonics vs. Enemas

Professional colon hydrotherapy involves multiple, gentle and warm infusions of water into the colon. With enemas, you get one water blast and, if you’re lucky, it’s not ice cold!

You assume a decidedly non-yoga “posture” for some minutes, usually on the bathroom floor. Typically you’re on hands and knees with arched back or you’re on your side. When the gurgling begins, haste won’t make waste.

With modern colonics, your bowel’s content leaves your body easily and hygienically through the colonic irrigation system. No gurgling, no fears, no mad dash to the toilet. Colonic systems cleanse the whole colon. Enemas clean out mostly the lower colon only.

A high quality colon hydrotherapy session requires a trained hydrotherapist and the best professional equipment available. An enema only requires a grandma or a do-it-yourselfer.

Be sure to research different colon hydrotherapists and ensure that they are using an advanced, FDA-approved colonic hydrotherapy system. These systems ensure your comfort with temperature controls set to the colon’s internal temperature, and they can be used by both fully mobile and mobile-impaired patients.

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