Colloidal Silver my cure for just about everything!


Dear Family and Friends,
I made my first batch of Colloidal Silver yesterday. Long process it was, but well worth it.
I have been using colloidal silver for a number of years now and it has been costing me a fortune as I even put some in my cat’s milk and drinking water every day as some of my guests are allergic to cats and I read somewhere that by doing the above; it actually removes the allergy causing effects from the animals.
Often do I notice that people use harmful chemicals all over their houses which can be detrimental to their health including those of their animals.
Colloidal Silver I use to clean wounds with, even when I prick my finger in the garden with a rose thorn or something else; and I even dip my hands in it after I have washed them; during the day when I work around the house. It is such a handy thing to keep in the medicine closet which is dark and cool; where it is ideal storage for Colloidal Silver.
It must be one of the most important natural health stuff that I use on a daily basis. I do not go totally ballistic though like some people who drink a cup full every day. I gargle with it when I feel that I am about to get a sore throat, and it works every time as it prevents me getting that full blown sore throat. Only one tablespoon of Colloidal silver takes the scratch in my throat away immediately.
I want to thank Joyce and Devlin for the effort they have put into making the device and also doing the 3 hour process that had to be done to actually activate the successful process in the making of this wonder cure! You just don’t know how grateful I am. Love. M

Marietjie Morgan