Coffee Face Scrub, How to Make it and Why You Should Use it


How many times have you made a pot of coffee and tossed the grounds? You have probably never considered the benefits of coffee other than an eye-opener. What if I told you, that you should have been using those grounds as a natural facial scrub? Sounds crazy, keep reading.


Why Make Your Own Facial Scrub?

If your like me, you read labels and do your best to make sure what your eating is safe and free of chemicals. But have you ever paid attention to product that you put on your skin?

The skin is an organ that can absorb anything it comes in contact with. From moisturizers to air born toxins, most of us totally neglect this fact. In doing so, we leave our selves vulnerable to all sorts of environmental toxins. Now, most of these toxins are unavoidable, but lets consider the possibility of toxins you actually put on your skin.

Thats right, have you ever really examined the chemicals that are used to produce soap, shampoo, lotions and other skin care products? It’s fine most of us don’t ever pay any mind to this, but let’s start to by making our own skin care products at home.


Why use Coffee on Your Skin?

First off, if your a coffee drinker you probably can get your hands on grinds fairly easy. So instead of generating more organic waste, make use. Coffee grind make for a great exfoliator! Moisten coffee grounds provide just enough friction to remove dead skin, while still being genital on new skin.

Another well know property of coffee is caffeine. This compound is naturally abundant coffees,  teas and other plants and herbs. But did you know caffeine can tighten your skin, reducing the viability of wrinkles and cellulite?  Caffeine has been slowly gaining popularity with all the major cosmetic companies.

“A recent study discovered that the Anti-oxidants in caffeine will protect the skin from UV radiation, stimulate hair growth, increase blood circulation in skin vesicles and more!”


How to Make Your Own Coffee Facial Scrub at Home

Making your own scrub is very simple and what you add to it is really up to you. Since this scrub is going to be used on the face it’s important to keep a few things in mind. To avoid any complications or reactions pay attention to the following points:

  • Avoid harsh additives
  • Stay away from common allergens
  • Additional exfoliators are not optional only
  • Don’t add cleansers or cleaning products
  • Simple – if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t use it

The best ingredients to use for your DIY scrub should be simple and basic and most importantly, you probably already have them. We are going to keep this very simple, only using two to three ingredients. With the goal of reducing the appearance of cellulite and motorizing the skin.



  • One cup of coffee grinds
  • One cup coconut butter / oil
  • *Optional moisturizing additives can be one of the following, organic maple, honey or agave syrup
  • * Optional exfoliators can be one of the following, brown or white sugar, chia seeds or meal



  • Place all the desired ingredients into a mixing bowel or large cup. Mix thoroughly, making sure that all clumps are worked out and the coconut oil is completely dispersed.
  • Let the mix sit for a few minutes
  • The consistency should be thick and resemble that of a store bought scrub. If to dry add more coconut butter. If its to runny add more grinds.
  • Syrup or honey can be used to enhance consistency

Best if after a warm shower, but if not be sure to clean off any makeup or oils from your face and neck. Use warm water as it will soften and loosen dead skin. Genitally pat dry and start applying the scrub in circular motions. Work on small areas at a time. Try to give about 60 seconds per area. After you have covered the entire face you can chose to leave it on for a few minutes or remove right after.

Tip: If you have used syrup or honey to add consistency, you may need to wash your face afterwards with a mild face soap. If you have only used coffee grinds and coconut oil, warm water should be all you need.


You will Be Amazed!

This simple and super effective homemade scrub will produce results the first time. You will be sure to fall in love with how much more lively and full your skin will become! Have any questions or comments? Let me know what you think.



Renne Crespo
Renee Cresspo is a Professional Fitness Trainer with a degree in Nutrition and Sports Medicine. Renne has written articles for numerous publications and currently author of , a site dedicated to helping woman develop a healthy physique through proper diet and exercise.