Coenzyme Q-10: Highly Effective in Lowering High Blood Pressure


A research group from Monash Medical Center (Victoria, Australia) published a review of 12 clinical trials investigating the use of coenzyme Q-10 for high blood pressure in the Israeli Journal of Hypertension in 2011. 362 patients were involved.

Reduction of systolic blood pressure ranged from 11-21 points and reduction of diastolic blood pressure ranged from 2-15 points. Considering that the average high blood pressure medication reduces systolic blood pressure by 5-9 points and diastolic blood pressure by 3-5 points, coenzyme Q-10 was significantly more effective than the average blood pressure medication.

Coenzyme Q-10 reduces oxidative stress and increases production of nitric oxide

When our mitochondria (the power plants in each cell that produce energy) are functioning properly they produce all the coenzyme Q-10 that we need from the nutrients we ingest. As we age, coenzyme Q-10 production decreases. It also decreases if we have a poor diet and the mitochondria do not have the proper nutrients to produce it.

The mechanism through which coenzyme Q-10 affects blood pressure appears to be by the lowering of oxidative stress in the blood vessels. Oxidative stress reduces the ability of the blood vessels to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide production results in the relaxation of blood vessel walls. As a result of reducing oxidative stress, blood vessels are able to produce more nitric oxide and therefore the walls of the artery relax resulting in a lower blood pressure.

As always, be sure to consult with a licensed health practitioner if you are being treated for any medical conditions.

Blood Pressure Reduction

The following were the average results of the 12 clinical trials.

 Systolic  Diastolic
Coenzyme Q-10  11 – 21 points  2 – 15 points
Placebo Group 0 – 2 points  0 – 2 points
Avg. Blood Pressure Medication  5 – 9 points  3 – 5 points

Coenzyme Q-10 dosages used in the above trials ranged from 75 milligrams to 360 milligrams per day.


Eliezer Greenspan
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