Coconut Oil Hair Treatment Helps with Growth, Enhances Strength & Shine


Most of us know that consuming coconut oil has powerful health benefits, including benefits that enhance the appearance and resilience of our hair and skin. But this oil also has some amazing benefits when applied to our hair topically (and our skin too, but here we’ll keep it to the hair ).  Read on about how you can use organic coconut oil as a multi-purpose hair treatment.

Stronger, longer hair that shines

Coconut oil contains several medium chain fatty acids that contain molecules small enough to penetrate the hair and really fortify it with strength and greater elasticity.  Maintaining elasticity is key to keeping our hair lush and strong, especially as we age. If it becomes brittle and weak, the best analogy I can think of is that it snaps just like a rubber band with dry rot.

This means it is an excellent natural remedy for protection against breakage, and can also promote growth since the majority of the reason people find it hard to growth their hair long is because it keeps breaking off when it gets to a certain length.

Coconut oil also infuses deep moisture into the hair. This helps to defend against dryness and also promotes that healthy sheen that everyone tries to achieve by buying chemical-heavy creams, serums, sprays and hair balms.  Often times these types of products build up on the hair and make it appear duller over time.

They also often contain ingredients that dry and damage the hair with repeated use, simply coating it instead of really fortifying and strengthening the hair to promote shine and a pleasing appearance.

To add coconut oil to your hair care regimen, you can simply melt it down and apply it as you would a hot oil treatment.  You will need to thoroughly rinse and wash it out so that your hair isn’t too weighed down afterwards since it is an oil. Usually five to ten minutes is enough for the oil to penetrate the shaft and really fortify the hair.

After treatment, you can still use your typical shampoo (preferably sulfate free) and you will probably still want to use your conditioner since coconut oil does not really detangle much, it mostly moisturizes and fortifies the hair.

For a healthier scalp

Coconut oil has numerous benefits for your scalp as well. If you struggle with a dry or itchy scalp, or simply want to improve scalp health, coconut oil soaks can also help in these areas.  Simply work the melted oil into the scalp and let it sit for several minutes. Use the same rules that you do with the “hot oil treatment” method above.

Coconut oil not only contains severaly scalp-loving nutrients like fatty acids, but it is also rich in vitamin e, which has skin soothing properties. Vitamin e helps to heal the scalp of any abrasions or irritations and soothes itchiness.

The essential fatty acids add precious moisture and protective properties while also helping to promote growth since the hair follicles on the scalp must remain in good shape in order to grow strong, healthy hair.  It can help prevent embarrassing flaking as well, so if you suffer from dandruff these coconut oil soaks can really be a savior for your scalp.

This is especially true if you have damage to your hair and scalp from past chemical treatments. Permanent curling or straightening treatments, harsh hair dyes and other chemical treatments, even if done in the distant past, can incur years of scalp damage since they essentially burn and irritate the scalp tissue.  Coconut oil treatments can help restore the moisture balance and help heal the scalp.

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