Cleaning Touchscreen Devices: Disgusting Germ Gathering Magnets


Cleaning Touchscreen Devices

If you knew what was lurking on your cellphone screen right now, you would not want to pick it up wearing gloves let alone hold it against your face or touch the screen!  Think of how often we share photos with friends and they touch your screen, you take it to the gym, set it down in places germs are lurking and never think twice about it.  The bacteria living on your screen right now can cause flu, colds, pinkeye, indigestion and much worse according to physicians interviewed recently by the Wall Street Journal. 

A lab tested eight randomly selected phones from a Chicago office and all phones showed abnormally high numbers of coliforms, a bacteria that indicates fecal contamination. Of the eight phones tested, there were between about 2,700 and 4,200 units of coliform bacteria. In drinking water, the limit is less than 1 unit per 100 ml of water.

So we just need to clean our phones daily, right.  Well that is where the cleaning touchscreen devices challenge begins.  You can’t just throw it in the dishwasher or pour a bottle of Clorox over it because most cleaners and disinfectants can harm your phone’s screen or case.

Steps to Cleaning Touchscreen Devices:

1. Wash your hands often or use a hand sanitizer before touching your screen. I love YL Thieves all natural spray/sanitizer because it kills everything and smells great.

2. Don’t hand your phone to your runny nosed child to occupy them unless they have washed their hands or used sanitizer.

3. Don’t share your phone with friends and co-workers to “collect their germs” on your device unless, you guessed it, they use hand sanitizer.

4. Never apply water or cleaner directly to the phone. Use a dampened soft cloth (microfiber works best). Do not soak the cloth so that it is dripping or simply wring it out to remove excess moisture before using circular, gentle motions to clean.  Do not use anything abrasive or use excessive force.

5. Use an approved cleaning substance on your phone to clean it. Keep in mind iPhone and iPod Touch screens are made with an oleophobic coating that repels oil. These screens must be handled with care to keep them working properly and to avoid damaging your screen.  Never use anything containing alcohol or other chemicals on your touchscreen.

I found this handy kit on Amazon and keep it in my purse.  Screen Cleaner 2goTM Organic Digital Cleaning Kit Perfect for Iphone, Droid, Ipad, and Other Devices

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If you were thoroughly disgusted by Cleaning Touchscreen Devices and would like to share it with your friends, please do so.  But not on YOUR phone!

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