Cleaning Is Your Responsibility


SBDCNET reported in a statement that “the US janitorial services and carpet cleaning industry consists of about 50,000 janitorial companies and about 9,000 carpet and upholstery cleaning companies with combined annual revenue of about $35 billion. Major companies include divisions of companies such as ServiceMaster and ABM Industries, private companies such as UGL Unicco and Stanley Steemer, and franchisers such as Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System and Jani-King. The industry is fragmented: the 50 largest companies generate about 30 percent of revenue. Janitorial services generate most of the revenue for the industry.” This was an excerpt from a 2012 article and still holds true in 2017. So, because of this accountability you now possess wouldn’t it be better to hire a professional?

Many carpet cleaning companies offer tons of carpet and cleaning services and information that can assist you. Most consumers try their best to save money in trying to professionally clean their homes, or commercial spaces by doing the work themselves. Sometimes taking matters into your own hand have been proven not to be the best solution. When it comes to cleaning, you definitely want to be properly educated. Many people believe that if they purchase cleaning products and follow proper instructions, then the results will be fine. Frankly, that’s not always the case.

In a case study Bright & Clear Inc.,  states that “janitorial services involve more than a mop, broom or duster. Environmental and health concerns with the latest technologies have taken commercial cleaning to new levels.” So, are commercial chemicals any better than all natural solutions. Many people would argue it simply doesn’t matter. While in my professional opinion I say it does matter. Natural is always the best way to go. When you are dealing with modifies solutions you are more prone to: sickness and adverse cleaning effects that could cause a lot of property damage to what you may be cleaning. With natural solutions most times you have less to worry about in the long run.

Is there a final solution to this debate? Well, that depends where you fall on the spectrum of this topic, but one thing, I believe we can all agree on is cleaning is your responsibility.


Christopher Alston
Business Development Coordinator with Bright & Clear Inc.
NC A&T Alumni c/o 2007
I am a spiritual-motivator, health/work-out enthusiast, journalist, writer and entrepreneur.