Clean Up Your Mind, Body And Life For Spring!


Spring cleaning is about much more than getting the dust bunnies out from under the couch and washing the windows. Spring is the time to clean out the junk that’s built up in your body . . . your mind . . . and your overall life.

If you take advantage of this season of renewal, clean out thoroughly! Make space for all the new and good things you can introduce into your life and grow into good health!

To help you out on your thorough spring cleaning, here are 3 powerful spring cleaning tips that go well beyond dust bunnies!

1.     Use Microbes To Clean Up Inside Your Body

Got some extra sludge inside of you? It’s hard not to accumulate some toxins along the way. Your food, air, water – even your shampoo – can put bad stuff inside of you. These toxins slow you down and put a damper on your health . . .

To help your body get rid of this garbage, strengthen your natural detox processes. To do this, nothing works better than a powerful algae-bacteria dynamic duo.

  • Multiple studies have shown the algae, chlorella, helps speed up your body’s excretion of heavy metals and toxins like dioxin.
  • Chlorella also supports liver health. Your liver is one your body’s key detox organs. The liver produces enzymes key to neutralizing and eliminating toxic chemicals in your body.
  • Finally, chlorella also spurs healthy probiotic bacteria growth. These bacteria keep your intestines in shape furthering your body’s ability to sort through food and move the unwanted waste out.

2.     Give Your Conscience A Scrub

While extra waste in your bowels and blood can burden your body, psychological baggage can also drag you down. In turn, these emotional weights can eventually take a toll on your health. You can have a hard time sleeping . . . And an even harder time getting up.

Frustration and anger can set off your stress hormones and raise your blood pressure.

If something is tugging at your conscience, don’t ignore it. Take some time and develop a strategy to take care of it. Consult a friend or professional advisor if you need some help on this. Put together a step-by-step plan and then put it into action day by day.

While it won’t solve your problems, one of my favorite allies for taking on life’s challenges is the herb, eleuthero:

  • Eleuthero gives you sustained healthy energy while helping you to feel calm and alert.
  • And eleuthero works with your body to moderate the effects of stress.

Of course some stubborn problems are simply outside of your control. In these cases, make sure you find time to nourish yourself and relax. Take a daily walk. Meditate. Fix yourself a good dinner. Or watch a funny movie with a friend.

3.     Open Up Your Schedule And Clean It Out

Feeling overwhelmed . . . busy . . . stressed? Maybe your schedule is too full.

We all need empty space in our days to relax, let our mind drift and occasionally ponder the big things in life. When we schedule every minute of our day, our mind never gets this time. And we lose out on creativity, clarity and plain old peacefulness.

So take a good look at what you’re packing into your week. Do you really need to do all these things? Decide what’s non-negotiable and then start weeding out the rest. Learn to say “no” to requests and invitations. And instead say “yes” to some agenda-less me-time.

Funny enough, you’ll be amazed at how this “non-productive” time makes you so much more productive!

Clean Up Your Life In Multiple Ways For Better Health And Peace Of Mind

Life gets complicated. And it’s easy to pick up a lot of debris and junk along the way.

But by taking a few strategic steps, you can clean out your mind and body of stuff that’s holding you back. When you do this, you’ll have the energy and good health that contributes to carving out the life you want to enjoy.


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