How to Clean Your Coffee Maker Using Natural Ingredients


Rise and shine, it is time to get up and make that fresh pot of coffee to help start your day off right. You finely have the pot of Joe made and you go to drink it, but end up pouring it down the drain because it taste funny. When your hot tasty beverage ends up no longer tasty, it is time to clean your coffee maker using natural ingredients found in your kitchen cabinets.

Natural Cleaners You can Use

Some of the best natural ingredients you can use to clean out your coffee pot are

  • vinegar,
  • baking soda and
  • citrus juice

Each of them dissolves coffee residues, stains, odors and any mold or mildew build up in the appliance that may be giving your freshly brewed pot of a coffee a distasteful flavor. Most importantly, these natural ingredients don’t leave behind an unpleasant flavor or odor either, which means once your coffee pot is clean and you go to brew up a pot of Joe, your coffee will just taste the way it is suppose to.

Time to Clean Your Coffee Maker Using Natural Ingredients

  1. To clean your coffee pot with either of the ingredients mentioned, simply add two to three tablespoons of the natural ingredient of choice into the water dispenser part of the appliance.
  2. Then, fill the dispenser up all the way with hot water.
  3. After, turn the coffee pot on and allow the natural ingredients to clean the appliance naturally.
  4. Once, it goes through one cycle of cleaning, fill the water dispenser up again with just warm water and run it through the device to help ensure all the vinegar, baking soda, or citrus juice is removed from the appliance completely.
  5. After, your coffee pot should be good to use again for making a pleasantly refreshing, yet comforting cup of coffee that you greatly need to help keep you energized and happy.

End Notes

Now if you can’t clean your coffee maker using natural ingredients because you don’t have them on hand, you can find them at the local grocery store at an affordable price. After all, using chemical cleaners for cleansing out the pot can be expensive and unsafe.

Natural ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda and citrus juice work just as effective as chemical ones when it comes to cleaning out the appliance while providing results that please you afterwards. This way you can wake up with the sunshine and drink that warming delightful beverage to help wake you up so you can function throughout the day.


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