Citric Lemon and Baking soda Miraculous combination: 10, 000 times stronger than Chemotherapy


A truly remarkable healing combination EFFECT which is 10,000 times that is stronger than chemotherapy.

Why is it we never heard about this miracle cure before? Why is it we never tried it either? This is because there are organizations out there that do have an interest, something which, they don’t want common people to know about. There are indeed miraculous healing properties that do go along with the combination of lemon and baking soda (otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate.) Therefore, from this moment on, please do spread the word out about this totally amazing cure to people who do need it most!
Lemon destroys carcinogenic cells in 12 types of cancers. Lemon prevents the spread of carcinogenic cells and has 10,000 times stronger effect of drugs like Adriamycin, chemotherapyand narcotic products.

A recent case-control study out of Europe showed that consuming four or more 150-gram portions per week of citrus fruit decreased the risks of throat cancer by 58 percent, oral/pharyngeal cancer by 53 percent, stomach cancer by 31 percent, and colorectal cancer by 18 percent. This study did not find a protective effect of citrus against breast cancer, but a recent American study did show that women consuming about 75 grams daily of grapefruit (fruit or juice) saw a 22% reduction in breast cancer risk if they had never used hormone replacement therapy. It is noteworthy that the protective level of citrus consumption was nearly identical in both these studies (525-600 grams per week) and could be interpreted as a minimum intake level for meaningful cancer protection. However, it’s also important to know the best sources of limonoids if they are key to citrus fruit’s anti-cancer properties.
Lemon has a very strong antimicrobial effect with a very broad spectrum of activity against bacterial andfungal infections. Lemon is effective against internal parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure and is a powerful antidepressant, reduces stress and nerve crises.

• 2 teaspoons lemon juice (fresh squeezed) organic
• ½ teaspoon baking soda (no aluminum)
• 8 oz water

1. Patients should drink 4 times a day.
2. Please make sure to use organic lemons.

Also an interesting fact is that this remedy does not have the terrible side effects that are typical for the chemotherapy.


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